Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I judge nobody, but the Bible and me too, tries to explane full happiness (in temporal and eternal guidelines) BECAUSE CONFUSION IS COMMING FROM OUTSIDE SO THAT IT IS NOT SO SIMPLE TO TAKE STANDINGPOINT. And roundabout, beating around the bush, exist, supporting a sober and real subject. For the new Age to come on Earth, nobody is ruled out but gets some position following the additionsum of someones doings, in that era.  {A.o. Bible 1 Timothy 2.4 (eventually everybody will come to get along by acknowledging the truth), Matthew 5.19-20 (position), many prominent of this aeon (age) will be not prominent at all in the aeon to come; Matthew 19.28-30, Mark 10.29-31} also distance from the glory of His strength Bible 2Thessalonians 1.9. The teachings go in the condemningsfire (a.o. Revelation 19.20: "the" beast and "the" false prophet), Revelation 20.14 "And death and Hades (often translated with Hell as also Luke 16.19-31 the rich "in flame" and the poor "in bossoms" of Abraham), were thrown into the Lake of Fire".
Arousement on itself is because of like-reason, seeing somebody, not because of the manly + (yang) or womanly _ (yin). Plus and minus are eachothers equivalent and the other side of the same. So arousement should happen with opposite and same sex, but at certain point it becomes  sexual arousement; I see for example those advertisements or artists etc. with intimate suggestions (also without any nakedness) publicly, in clothes, gestures and nakedness, lifting up a leg or pointing a buttock which dismantles my excitement, because that goes beside this arousement into intimacy (sexual) on further party. Also -womanly (internalizing) and manly (externalizing)- being man-wife-play you cannot practise on same gender without equalizing and transgressing eachothers reverse, above girdle the 'standing hard giving external protected' (man) or the 'hanging soft receiving internal unprotected' (woman). So is 'covered intimacy' again exciting for further party, because that intimicy is not there, being the equivalent as the other side of the same.
So stroke touch kiss hug uptil certain point, with clothes on intimate areas is not overlapping man(ly)-wife/womanly experience where also other parts are involved, in Biblical perspective.
You have to weigh carefully occasions, king Saul undressed himself while in spiritual extasy and was naked the whole day and night in presence of Samuël, not to say afterwards how to weigh this, Bible 1Samuël 19.21-24.
Bible Isaias 20.2-3 the prophet walking around naked for 3 years painting the way prisoners even with buttock naked will be driven away. Not mentioned as by Jesus on the cross if concerning the crox, where buttock is mentioned. 
Also Bible Genesis 9.21-28; Noach gut drunk and was lying naked, then Cham came in, saw it, and told his brothers who putted a mantle on their shoulders and walked backwards towards their father to cover his nakedness keeping their face turned away and they were promoted. Cham did nothing and forwarded it. And had no reward.
So, it is about what reason is there.
Weigh occasions
So the diversion from full happiness meant in the Bible (a.o. Romans 1.26, it was also a cult there) is about tresspassing and copying the shape of the holy unity {copulation, seeing (exposure contradicts intimacy) and touching/crossing genitals zone, not prevent orgasm (unless postponed by reaching the top imagening when alone, keeping the man wife meaning underneath in that topping)} of the uppersoulmates, by two or more people at the same time, which are friends or less. BECAUSE THIS (man-wife intimacy) IS IN A MANIFESTATION OF PERFECTNESS/FULLNESS TUNING where also two equal bodies (man-man woman-woman) cannot come fitting. In case of Bible Rom 1.26 also women-women and man-man as a cult.
Don't forget the totality of matching in things and people, exceptions (also in time) for one example THE PROPHET HAD TO MARRY A WHORE TOLD BY GOD. AND WHEN SHE WENT AWAY FROM HIM GOD TOLD HIM TO GO AFTER HER TO GET HER BACK expressing the image of people walking away GOD keep trying Bible Hosea. Also sexual intercourse with the wife of the brother if ones brother died to call on children Bible Genesis 38.8-10.
So imagining and practising man-wife-play on same gender or trespass on same or other gender, beside your man/wife, the Bible teaches, spoils also itselfs, because of the PURITY OF THE ULTIMATE INTIMICY (BODY)TUNING of the souls who come (belong) together.
There is a difference between arousement and sexual-intimate arousement.
This all is about deliver full happiness by maintaining intimacy and the manly not playing womanly (spoiling/neutralizing itselfs) & vice versa, despite on stage or so, contradicting your true  self (Leviticus 18.22). 
So going further than this actual dismantles the excitement. Sometimes resulting in a search for stronger kick the wrong way. 
There is notting as mechanical affection or plus and minus yin and yang woman and man, that functions ON ITS OWN going into something which your underneath (level) affectionfeeling don't support so far! 
SO THE IDEA OF AN GENERALY ON ITSELF FUNCTIONING SEXUALITY HOMO OR HETERO OR HALF HETERO-HOMO IS JUST A CONVICTION and a developed attitude, which does'nt miss its effect at all of course answering to that trespassing intimacy.
"If but not have self-control, let them marry; better for it is to marry than to be inflamed". (Bible 1Corinthians 7.9).
WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?! There where it is about the soul and soulmate(s) and (general) affection.
So going further about this I could say that the fact that one 'keeps burning' should include the desire for the eternal uppersoulmate above temporal things as brothermarriage.
But I hear people NOT explaning this, goodness! 
They explane about 'you cannot do your work if you burn too much either', period.
So here we go, without adding things to a text, you cannot disconnect a background.
Let alone the fact to give 'the other' idea about a independent sexuality..... with or without connection(s) to the real thing(s).
We have a saying in Dutch, translated it don't rhyme; Nakedness wipes it dead. This concerns the fact that nakedness contradicts (there we have again a 'spoils itselfs') the reason where it is for: privacy and ultimate intimacy via the ultimate preserved connectionplaces. So in this picture only naked actions for unavoidable reasons. THE SOULS WHO LOVE EACHOTHER THE MOST, ARE CREATED MAXIMUM FITTING AND THEREFOR HAVING MIRRORING CHARACTERISTICS. SO THAT THEY FIT FULLY WHAT TWO EQUAL BODIES CANNOT REACH SO FAR FITTING EFFECT. AND ON TOP OF THAT NERVES SHAPES ETC. ARE FULLY FITTING INTIMICY.
Somewhere you can cross a border doing intimate rituals with somebody less, and so dismantle the high euphoria which is highest (pure) if it is on its right degree-shape as seeing somebodies look, movement, etc., so on the right guys/girls. The thing between the eternal uppersoulmate, if copied over to an other relation, will be missing full target in those relations too, and so being spoiling for the euphoria you will have, because you come into touching with uppersoulmate excitement and so deceive into a supposed ritual which confuses into shortcomming of joy, demolishing fullest BEAUTY.
Also beat around the bush exist avoiding trauma(s) and so comming into deviation from oneselves.
In Sodom and Gomorrah (Bible Genesis 19.1-10) they even wanted to rape travelers (angels) who objected against their cult it was there; the man gave up on their wifes & vice versa on top of trespassing intimacy and copied the uppermost physical intimicy over to specificly woman-woman and man-man.
Sticking to/searching for what your soul IS prevents deviations in manly and womanly characteristics, and improves these if there conform the real self, without manipulation, manipulation does'nt respect GOD'S order {as (dissected) magic outside the 'own choice battery' is outside GOD'S order for example} and goes beyond medicine/food and is beyond a thing like levirate marriage (seed donation for ones brother), so that you BE/BECOME what you ARE and not get into eventual identity confusion and so also miss out on (full) unification with uppersoulmate and full joy with others.
Culture can misjudge what is manly or womanly behavior; "a guy has to drink beer and a woman this or that"
that is a deviation too.

Specificly manly shapes on a woman and vice versa loses the confirming effect when going over the edge (Deuteronomy 22.5), there where it should be full target exciting.
The typical thing with outfit is that it is a covered message putting accents on the body, which should fit the content for the uppermost effect.
(At the end of this aeon the lower layer of clothes is seen wearing going over the outerlayer, how upside-down).  
The presence above and below should turning out to be translated in the outfit to reach full expression, depending  the various bodyshape. There where in manly outfit pants and concrete uprising shapes should be applied, is womanly the other way around. The pants points to the manly only, because of the one side usability of the abdomen, externalizing, and womanly internalizing.
Bible 1Corinthians 11.14-15; "Does not herself nature teach you that man indeed if adorns the hair, a dishonor to him it is; a woman but if  should adorn the hair, a glory to her it is? Because the beautiful hair instead of a veil has been given to her". Sometimes short hair does honour a woman. 
1Corinthians 10; "Nor abusers of themselves as woman, nor abusers of themselves with men" inheret the Kingdom of GOD.
Man and woman have a opposite component as in the yin yang symbol.
Mingling, above this confirming effect, manly in/on a woman and vice versa, doesn´t represent straight practizing moving AWAY from one's INNERSELF. Crossdressing/acting against your real self. So as intercourse-behaviour away from your real self.
Born this or that way does'nt prove the top of the full shape of someones fulfilling/manifestation of soul. Experience a feeling of imperfection can pull the right things to do. Not because of sin in a former life the man was blind in Bible John 9 but for working with and against this.
Women should eWOMANcipate and combat for the equal value of women, as the Bible states that  man are likewise nothing without women, Bible 1Corinthians 11.11-15. This last one is an eternal law not a temporary cultural circumstantial as there are also in the Bible.
For example Debora was judge (and Biblical prophetess) in Israël, Bible Judges 4.4-5.   

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Your valuable experience.

Professor Carl Gustav Jung, one of the founders of modern psychology experimented with the I Ching oracle and discovered meaningful connections with his own thoughts he could not deny, between the I Ching and him.
So doing this without waiting what you see first, oracling like this, you can come into a subject-related link and a general link with the negative/asking force/develish which is not natural.
Draw a lot or asking the I Ching by prayer (a.o. Bible Acts 1.23-26) is only without polution when you are in a position that everything else did not give or showed the solution, because things work together for the good for those who believe (Bible Romans 8.28). So if you read circumstances and writing on the wall you get poluted if you take that as a guidepost;
"A car passed by with precisely this or that on it"
"Precisely that song played in a car that passed by when I went for this or that, or was thinking about a subject so that it seemed the answer".
That nature around you keeps you meaningful company and is influenced vice versa you-surrounding-you is the expression of things, where people contribute to with their responsible part and automatic soul-part, so that reality shows what it needs to show. Consciously and subconsciously you read things and experience reality. 
And BETWEEN that you can come to the right idea reflecting vice versa with your contribution in the scheme, in it, around you. I have not unlimited sympathy  for Western psychiatry; it happens that they help people into a poluted situation which in itself functions but has no full features of reality, and so, poluted reality, WHICH FUNCTIONS ALSO so that somebody seems alright.
So things ARE connected and play a part in the real happeningsmovie written on the wall of life. 
It is interesting that meaningful things have their history to arrive there at that point in place and time to fulfil their part......... which illustrates the coherence-part of concerning things which are organized so, that the outcome is balanced out without tresspassing privacy for example. And is a true to nature reflection of all things concerning.
Stevie Wonder: "Very superstitious.......writing on the believe in things you don't understand, then you suffer.........very superstitious.......the Devil is on his way".
God is the creator. Contribution of man is only the choices you continuesly make and the effect of that, according to God'S arrangement (system). Because God has that built in so that God is the Keeper of the universe, it will never collaps or function in another way without warranty of full expression and manifestation of all souls.
It falls down after millions and millions of earthyears so that the heavens and the Earth together restart and this is without beginning and end so that everybody can build up his/hers own thing experiencing the content of that production, after long enough, repeated. The biggest timecircles and eternity and interrupted eternity; a.o. Bible Hosea 6.1-3, Ecclesiastes 3.1-17, Jeremia 4.23-27, Isaias 24.1-23, restoration of all things Acts 3.21. Extensive Bible-references and explanation in "GENESIS, Big Bang, Pulsating Universe or what?" and also "Magic. God moving mysterious ways. Hidden blessings. Challenge". 

So the effect of choices is not due to build in power of man which can unwilling and unmeant come into selfjudged-power and can more or less come into the negative/asking force/develish. Which is always submitted to God anyway anycase. 
So here we touch one of things in Western psychology; magical thinking.
Jesus gave us the full powerconnection to the Father-God, everybodies Father. So acknowledging Jesus teaching and using his name, his name opens that up fully, there where that was not fully, before Jesus did his job 2000 years ago.
Bible Acts 4.10; "...known let it be, to all of You and to all the people of Israël, that in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarean, whom You crucified, whom God raised from (the) dead, in this, this one stands before You whole (fully healed)".
Bible Acts 3.16; "And on the faith of the name of him , this one whom You behold and know, made strong the name of him (name made strong), and the faith which through him (Jesus) gave to him complete soundness this before all of You". 

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Monday, October 1, 2012

False play.

I have a guzheng, that's a Chinese string instrument, I have the 21 string version. A Chinese lady putted every string in order so the instrument works. Not too tight not too loose, the bridges which support the strings have to be at the right place and the wooden box under the strings and were it stands on and how you play it and even the surrounding, plays all parts in the whole scene. 
You can't go over the edge, then you get false play.
So if you study and anticipate on synchronicity you go over the edge. If you SEEK a sign you go over the edge, IT DON'T WORK, you don't see the sober truth, the reality, but YOU SEE THE FALSE INPUT, comming from you subconsciously seeking to combine + partly you can come into contact  with the negative/asking force/develish, grabbing things that ARE THERE to put together in time. 
Also, God puts things in order at His time so you cannot anticipate at specific place and time: not "God will give this or that at that and that time". The Apostles drew a lot because they could not  choose the replacing apostle for Judas themselves (Bible Acts 1.23-26), who hung himself after betraying Jesus and leading the people to Jesus to arrest him. The same picture we have uptil now left from. So only in exceptional cases you can ask God what to do. And put your free choice aside which is necessary normaly. But even then it is up to you to interpretate the answer.
So you can see how things can get out of shape and disformed and you are seeking to find your way in life and not finding your destination 100%. 
Jesus choose 12 Apostles as leaders over the group that followed him, and one of them, Judas, betrayed him. This happened because it was inherent that it would go this way. It HAD to happen but condamned the one by whom it happens (Marcus 14.21). Arrested because of the religious.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Deviations through deviant convictions based on will-wishes.

In 'Placebo nocebo' I talked about the peculiar fact that founding on a supposed working, a fake medicine often also works, even with the (consciously) unknown side-effects!!! So it seems that a conviction can find its way to fulfil, if the doors to it are open.
So leave out superstition, because if you have that attitude, then your own battery of free will/choice responsible part is addressable for this. 
God does not overrule the free will. ONLY TAKES AWAY TOO HARMFULL THINGS in the working and co-incidences you stimulate with your own free will/choice part battery. So also your spirit & soul can "battery against" further development.
Jesus could only do a few healings in his own town, because they knew him there and then they didn't buy his stuff, just as his brothers who came to take him away from places before he started his "crazy talk" (Bible Mark 3.21, John 7.1.-13, Acts 1.14, Galatians 1.19). A man who gave advice to people putted on a robe and a certain cap on his head and always when he opened the door to let somebody in to give help and advice, he was afraid that his neighbours coincidently passed by and would see him in that outfit. BUT HE NEEDED THE DAMN OUTFIT OTHERWISE PEOPLE WOULD NOT BELIEVE IN HIM.
So you have to acknowledge that God don't take over your free choice in things. People HAD to believe that Jesus could call on God and that God likes to heal, so that they ARE OPEN TO THAT. 
So the writing on the wall IS NOT LABELED with 'God' or 'my own choice battery'. Only through superstition you can let other people or spirits effect you, through "co-operation" with your free will/choice. And so be, for the free will/choice-battery part, effectable.
A man had for a long time housebugs, then he developed scarlet fever and started to think things over during the scarlet fever. So he could straighten out something wrong in his life, then the scarlet fever healed and never the housebugs returned.
Protestant Mary-sisters, as they call themselves in Germany experienced  things as a printing machine that did not work and started to work at 13.30 hrs, there where they discover later that other sisters made peace at 13.30 hrs with eachother ending a quarrel(!). Also, they describe in their book, a sister went to buy wool, but the sister had to wait in the shop and started to think "I better wait for God to deliver the wool". So before it was her turn she went away. And see what happened; the next day she ended up somewhere where they offered wool... Another example they liked visiting children to see that GOD takes care of the smallest things and the children prayed for candy and what happened; somebody got it in his mind to bring candy to the community..... Yet another example of a woman having 800,- mark as only saving and got the feeling that GOD wanted her to give the 800,- mark to the sisters but thought "I never can do that my only saving" started to have pain in her leg could hardly walk and started to wonder if that had something to do with her rejection to give the money. So she prayed to GOD that if that was so if HE than wanted to take away the pain because she wanted to come loose from the money and.... immediatly the pain was gone, so she gave the 800,- to the sisters. Also the sisters start to build a chapel without money and to cut a long story short: everything works out in people bringing stones etc. etc. so that the chapel is ready in enormous short time! 
So these things can only get blown up if you blow it up in your free will-wish. For a big part God leaves that alone. Gives hints in things and inspires and prevents too much harm. Also don't blow up God'S part that He causes things. The Mary-sisters blew up something too. TAKE Your DECISSION WHAT'S AT.
I can say this; that the normal God-given order is bended in the free will wish of the people involved, to a deviation where the role of God, happenings, meaning of happenings, under- or overestimating the part of the own free will/choice battery, the role of energy in things or even wanting to manipulate with that (magic above the 'personal choice battery'), prematurely oracle, -some of this is going on. And this going on, is outside the beautiful ways of God, and so, letting in some of the negative/asking force/develish, stimulating deformation. Also with unnatural-telepathy (above intuition) and with psychokinesis, killing the symbioses of things pulling eachother, and so express everything.
Things falling in to a shape of happenings because of a benefit IS NO PSYCHOKINESIS and has notting to do with this. Also a machine doing different in certain cases, but not that one needs that because of a quarrel at the same time! And is of a TOTALY OTHER ORDER being the part of the healthy God-created field of organizing principle. 

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Pay somebody else his/hers debt.

One of the gaps between me and traditional (Roman) Christianity -apart from the added superstition in it- is the problem with the veneration of the cross. 
They see it as filling-a-punishment-gap-payment without Jesus having debt, from Jesus. 
That it was inherent is one thing but it is not there to pay for You and me in that sense. He payed with his blood and he brought our sins on -and naled them on- the cross as they say, is right -but- BECAUSE IT WAS INHERENT, IT HAPPENED. But not that God had to fulfil the punishment on Jesus. 
Jesus had the ability to eliminate the punishment, the curse, and it came on him through doing his work and life on Earth. He could fill the hole, the gap, with his work. But not through undergo the punishment from the curse (cursed Earth); that came on him in the solving work; through his righteous teaching and his doing. 
So apart from the question if Jesus made mistakes (Why You call me good? One is good, the Father Mark 10.18, Luk. 18.19) he is faithful in not avoiding consequences, having all possibilities, of his life and work up till death! In his completed teaching of the Father he succeeded, believing and following this is healing.
Every humanoid can refer to the son of man as the Bible calls Jesus, it is finished Jesus said on the cross (John 19.30), he fulfilled it for past, the then-present, the then-future and now future, standing in for it for every soul including himself.                                                                                                                                                           .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 13 Sept 2006. Only copy for own use.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guidelines in the Bible for the full fulfilment of all souls.

Bible John 8.19;  'If You knew me (recognize/identify), You would know my Father' (& everybodies Father) 'too', Jesus said. 'Whoever follows me (acknowledge and follow) will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life' John 8.12. --The light of life produces the things that express everything which is the reason/cause of the whole universe with everything in it and everything that happens. Instead of this tendency you see poluting this concept by the things people do. Because they loose out of sight the thing which is in the next line; John 8.20; 'Yet no one seized him, because his time not yet had come'. That means that God'S intentions produces things in time, and God'S way does'nt use a backdoor -skipping things you need expressed- by stealing, calculating astrology or magic {magic above the 'personal choice battery' leverage through the (dissected) value of things}. Because these things go outside of the symbioses of things which (need to) express(es) all things. Getting things out of astrology, you skip things that need to happen in the coincidencing creation and also generate, while doing, another calculated situation (because you arrive there to do it, there is an OTHER POSITION), and outcome. On "the front" (of lifescene) Jesus could be grabbed just like that, but it did not come so far because THE "MAGNETIC" GRAVITYPOINT OF THINGS THAT NEEDED TO HAPPEN did not came so far that they attacked him fully. Jesus respected the rightness and goodness and perfectness of the way of God which brings forth the truth shape of all things, to secure the full expression of all souls. The force of creation is intention(s) which you see appear.                                                                                                                                                               .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 27 Aug 2011. Only copy for own use.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Blowing wind.

How is Your cloud? How is my cloud??? This may sound silly but there is always an atmosphere and something in the air. So it is about the content of an atmosphere. You walk into a house or office or anything and there is something hanging there between you and there. For example, I was concerned-excited going in somewhere about a case and the person who it concerned was walking down the corridor and suddenly everything was alright. I felt a good relaxed peaceful atmosphere. This is an extreme example, but without being conscious of it, it also happens that way. So if your intention is positive there is a positive cloud with positive results comming out of it. Not from the images you have in your mind or your attitude but because of your intention. So don't mind the image or attitude. And not in the least place but the first ALLOW GOD IN THE CLOUD.                                                                                                                                                           .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 11 Sept 2006. Only copy for own use.

God'S providence DOES take care of things.

Things ALWAYS come together in God'S perfect symbioses. The 'polution' people bring in, causes deviations, but in these deviations God gives a way out. But you don't have the perfect situation. 
How can it be that people play a part in YOUR happenings so that it has a meaning??? The comming together of things in the play of life is causal. The Divine providence is able to forsee things, so that your things can be connected to something necessary. Sometimes you walk into situations that you say; HOW CAN THIS FIT TOGETHER THAT I PRECISELY CONNECT TO THIS. God'S providence, or does your subconscious know, that if you do something at this and that time, it will be connected to that and that happening, so, that you come to do that thing at that precise time and place. And that it is not rooted, in God'S way, but your own anticipating with or without other influences you let in. Like for example in reverend Norman Vincent Peale's books, where is written that negative thinking is dangerous because that has the inclination to fulfil. He adds superstitional power to it this way.
You can walk into things, coinciding with things from which you judge the meaning wrong. That it comes from God. You think there is a guidepost in the normal writing on the wall, because it fits so good, which brings you further away from the right track. And doing that, you get confirmed in circumstances the wrong way again. So if you cut out occult-magical thinking and relation delusion, you're allright. SO THE WAY OF GOD IS FREE OF THOSE THINGS. The power of God and the prayerpower of God concerns only creating through symbioses (things reflect something because of symbioses) not; organizing/adjusting things BECAUSE OF A SUPPOSED LEVERAGE ABILITY; bending the way, so that the value is seen as an influence. Because GOD works at the shapes that expresses all souls desire. For example in itself gem-stones don't have the ability to leverage happenings. They play a part in the atmosphere but happenings, and healing for example, you relate to that, are in fact from a different order you call on, so deviation comes in; other forces do their work which are not in the ways of God, which way I described.                                                                                                                                                          .                                                                                                                                                                        COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 24 Aug 2011. Only copy for own use.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Potato's, rag-and-bones, and other sort unexpected stuff.

I experience things You don't believe. And on the other hand a lot of people do. "I can't share this with anyone, because of the strangeness, they will not believe it". If you talk about coincidence - let's say things put together so that they influence eachother, then there are in a totaly crazy surprising way things moving eachother. You make a mistake and along the mistake something appeared what was very useful to something else. You have a hold up that appeared useful. Being striked with the idea; 'What has the hold up reason to do with the right outcome of THIS'. I did not know if I should trust my bankmanager understanding the picture as it is, and what do You think I hear on the radio?! "Leila does not know if she should trust her bankmanager". IT IS UP TO YOU TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH IT. 
I had a problem being worried about demolishing-plans and had to go to the potatowarehouse -it is called- and what do You think: I passed two people with papers on them. Comming back from the potatowarehouse (in the mean time thinking) with the potatos under my arm I asked them and they appeared to be from the municipality and gave me the number of the very right person. So this was 'given' to me (I had also an ask-position) and got into the position to see what to do with it. That is why, together with other examples a spiritistwoman said, misunderstanding, about me; "His god is  a second hand rag-and-bone man". So with me it is God (no grey beard of course; looking down over the fence who to punnish) - God Who Works between the lines and if you're open to it it happens! {God keeps knocking on peoples doors who wander far off}.                                                                                                                                                                .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 11 Sept 2006. Only copy for own use.

At the wrong time at the wrong place.

Matter is subordinate to spirit, so it is about forces behind the scene. A (life)scene can bend the other way around. So some dangerous looking guys could attack you or not....... Jesus' time was not come yet so he walked just through them despite the threat. People were after him grabbing him and wanting to throw him off the precipice etc.; Bible a.o. John 7.30-32, Luke 4.28-30. So things don't come together just like that if the batterypicture (content) is not supporting it. Let me give an example. God can use a thing and put that together with something that needs to happen anyway. So there can be a putting together where a thing what needs to happen sooner or later anyway, gets connected to a thing from somebody else what needs to happen sooner or later anyway TOO. Also is there supporting from one person to another without direct practical mutual benefit. 
And then about for example having trouble to explane the accident where somebody dies, from which you cannot think that he or she gets punished for something. A happening like this works together in a totality where you have to considder the (very) long run; eternity. Things serve the bigger plan and eternity. So we don't know what the content of the cause is why this accident came together. But you cannot say that there is no content in it. A person is not send to his/her next life without cause. And you cannot seek the cause in randomness happenings without causing battery. You cannot transgress the law of God -which serves the good outcome of everything- without the effect of that. So we don't always like the togetherputtings of things of this world....... God however does'nt force His law the hard way. He seeks voluntary co-operation. We are not robots. So transgression causes deviations and imperfectness but no randomness; in the end God secures/guaranties the manifestation of all souls, WITHIN the deviation. Bible about forces from behind the scene in the air; Ephesians 2.2; "according to the age world of this, according to the ruler of the authoroty of the air, the spirit now working in the sons of disobedience". 1Thessalonians 4.17; "will be cought up in clouds to a meeting of the Lord in air". Ephesians 6.12; "Because not is to us wrestling against blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authoroties, against the world's rulers of the darkness age of this, against the spiritual of evil in the heavenlies". Hebrews 12.1; "encircling us a cloud of witnesses, weight laying aside every (laying aside every -) and the easily surrounding sin".                                                                                                                                                               .                                                                                                                                                                     COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 6 Sept 2011. Only copy for own use.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Piet (uncle Pete).

If you see anything beautiful, for example, it is an expression of something spiritual. So you can see in things what they mean. Compare Bible Romans 1.20, where is written that people have no excuse as if you cannot recognize things. Science often tries to tell us that things exist because of nothing. They are even not sure that they see and hear what they see and hear! There is a book for example what is called "Solibsism". A solibsist then is somebody (solo) who says; I only think that I exist and the rest is my fantasy. You could wonder why he wrote the book if he thinks there is nobody to read it. Only as a selfconfirmation? Back to the scientists; So these people are very interested to explane why there is what there seems to be, because of nothing. So why the effort because of nothing, if the scientist thinks he/she and the rest, is just a meaningless combination of coincidental 'nature', and WHAT sort of selfconfirmation if he/she has no SELF in that perspective?!! Mechanical???!!! Let us end this totaly stark ravin' mad rubbish and lets talk about Piet, Piet was a colleague of my father who worked at the furniturecompany, uncle Piet for me. After his pension he had help for the household. At a certain moment, there appeared a photo in his house of the woman who helped him .... and he gave her presents. Before You feel pity for him, I am going to explane something: it is possible that the lottery of life puts two people together, and there is always a SITUATION THAT CARRIES THE PURPOSE. Try to think of an example that there is'nt. Like I wrote in "The garbage can" it comes with SOMETHING ELSE, and if not, you use something to get it; but you cannot do nothing and get it, there has to be ANY situation. So the lottery of life did Piet meet this help in the house AND I DON'T REJECT AT ALL THE IDEA THAT THEY MET EACHOTHER IN LIFE and that there was healthy affection. Of course it is possible to overdo it and even commit sin in that. 
So there is not a mechanical universe but a spiritual universe and happenings. And it depends on you that you knock on doors, and if you hear the knock to open up, and keep in mind that you could frustrate things instead of keep an open mind!!! Bible Romans 1.20; "the For unseen things of Him, from creation of of (the) world, by the things made being realized is being understood; the both eternal of Him power and Godhead: for to be them without excuse". (The denyers of things are seeing blind).                                                                                                                                                                .                                                                                                                                                                     COPYRIGHT  RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 8 Sept 2006. Only copy for own use.


What causes circumstances? The only thing that influences circumstances, and matter in the end, is choices. Fear for example is not an engine. God said; let there be ... (what He chooses) and the Spirit of God moved over the waters (Bible Genesis). Organizing influence on things comes from choices you make and is not directly corrected by God, because of the free will. (Sub)consciously you walk into circumstances connecting to the choices you made. God inspires, and also uses circumstances. Sometimes you have to come forward and act for yourself and others in meeting circumstances which are necessary to take care of. Why does this happen to me you may say. The answer then is: certain things need to happen along your line, so you can help, set an example, influence something, inspire something, play a part in something from which you don't know the full length. So you can misunderstand why it happens. Not before you choose to go that way, superstition comes in with the magic comming from that. The objection against magic above the 'personal choice battery', using (dissected) forces/influences in nature, pushing things for a certain outcome, is, that it messes up where things are for; namely the expression of all souls in the things that exist. You cannot grab things and organize the effect out of that, to push something (to a result). Then you have messed up the organized shape of things WHICH IS AN EXPRESSION, and reduced that to loose stimulating elements which are not coherent-natural. And SO this way it goes 'through a backdoor', leaving the co-operation of all things what guaranties again the expression of all things; you skip this way. Doing this you put God'S all-knowing warranty aside, in manipulating with the value of things, using as a force. And you put aside the pure choice force which symbioses fully TO FULL EXPRESSION. Choices influence a totality where details co-operate, with God on top of the organizing principle to secure the full expression of all souls.                                                                                                                                                                  .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 2 Nov. 2011. Only copy for own use.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The garbage can.

Most of the time the subconscious is playing a big part; something is used to get something else along the line. For example you go out for something and with or without the something another thing appears what you specificly need. There is for example something I heared more often; they call it 'the library angel'; you wander around and you just take a book what is just there because you are at that spot to take a peek at that very nice lady or guy who was sitting there. And to your surprise you catch just a page with a part on it that one way or the other gives you the impulse to the very right idea what you needed at that time, or the information you want. So also bump to the very right person on the street. Seeing hearing meeting things what fits remarkable in what you are busy with! On some occasions though, I had a very conscious awareness to specificly go out for something. I wanted a niche to put two statues in, of a Biblical situation. So, just like that, in the evening, I had the feeling to get out and go for the niche just like that! Crazy or not crazy, I am going I thought by myself. So I went on the bicycle over the bridge next to my house and moved on in a few streets and thought by myself "No it is not here". So I took the second bridge back and went to a moat, drove beside the moat and had the feeling to go over the bridge, at the same time thinking about the crazy rubbish I was doing. Well I went over that bridge there and moved into a street "Yeah yeah, here it is" was my idea, and the next moment thinking that I need a straitjacket; "It is only an Amsterdammertje" (pole to prevent cars parking on the stoop). So me going on and at the end of the street the feeling became too much and still I did'nt give in, but HAD to stop and walked back and guess what was there ............. a niche you cannot possibly find in a shop, standing with the garbage can!!!!!!! You imagine getting CLOSER and CLOSER and then you recognize it!! ME GOING HOME WITH A VERY  DEEP FEELING OF MYSTICAL UNDERSTANDING. AND A FEW MOMENTS LATER; HOW CAN I PUT A THING LIKE THIS TO THE BENEFIT OF OTHER PEOPLE (in the sense of the meaning of this) and feeling sad despite the gladness, I bicycled home with the niche under my arm...                                                                                                                                                                .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 4 Sept 2006. Only copy for own use.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Placebo nocebo.

Placebo means that science discovers that medicine with notting in it causes healing. Nocebo means that the negative side-effects of the medicine it "impersonates", are suffered by the guineapig, without being told what they were. HOW CAN THIS BE!? The answer is simple; these people are addressable/agreeable for superstition, apart from the healthy striving. Psychology uses certain things too: project things on somebody, address somebody with an intention by imagining that being projected on somebody. So physical effects are also reached for the positive and the negative, in this perspective, 'cast out one "demon" with another', so the unbalance is there. So don't walk into your own synchronicity-results, thinking that it is the right result, or a guidepost. The power of positive thinking etc., is occult-magical above the 'personal choice battery'/superstitional thinking, too. Things like that are based on will wishes and strivings like that, are only causing that effect because of a certain believe in magic-above-the-'personal-choice-battery'. And can receive power from the asking force, develish force. Because the opinions you have (others is soul and God) has notting to do with positive or negative expecting of the outcome you want, but concerns the choices. Unless you choose to believe in 'expecting' and go in that magic here, then uptill certain point it can get support from the 'asking force battery'. Because it only can get fed/givin' 'current' by the choice for something and not by the trust or distrust that it will turn out as you choose or by the outcome-picture you imagine. Fill in the chosen picture, be busy with it, accept God as partner and He will do His part. SO SEE HERE THE TERMS OF THE WORKING OF PLACEBO NOCEBO AND HOW TO AVOID THAT. 
Intentions can be supported by God if you pray, then God blesses your strivings. If it is conform the true inner meaning; it has support from God to mutate and 'walk' to solutions. Then it will be leaded. Without taking any work out of peoples hands. Believing that God wants the best for you without filling in what it is about as an obligation, for example with a healing of Jesus; JUST BE OPEN TO IT. So the concept concerning must be agreed with you, agree also that God exist, and accept His supremation in knowing the best and being able to do what you cannot do yourself. And respect the righteous way and the co-ordination of things and all right things that need to happen, so that all things play THEIR SIGNIFICANT ROLE OF EXPRESSION. So: if something is conform the true meaning of right expression of peoples (everybodies) soul, then it has the right support to mutate to a solution, and come to a result. If somebody is agreeable for superstition then he or she can be afflicted by intentions of others and also afflict him/herSELF uptill certain point, because of the wrong support!!                                                                                                                                                        .                                                                                                                                                                      COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED  by Hans Michael Chi 1 May 2012. Only copy for own use.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Up up in the sky!

You better be aware of some contracter or so!!! The brothers and sisters of Jesus -who was 'just' a contracter- thought he was toudelou, stark ravin', and were not under his followers, later a brother was. Bible a.o. Mark 3.21, John 7.1-13, Galatians 1.19, Acts 1.14.  
When the Son of man comes, will he find faith on the Earth? -Luke 18.8. 
His arrival is with the clouds, not so that he arrives that you cannot choose anymore out of free will, because of the too clear label. It is called parousia, the revealing of the Lord, and on that 'day' there is a moment you cannot postpone the right choice anymore - a.o. Luke 17.30. 
After the period of rejection, that the Son of man is alone and everybody wanders their own way -Luke 17.25.
The Kingdom of God is not comming so that you can say here or there -Luke 17.20. So you better not miss the welfare, thinking to wait for the visible angelchiors to see, thinking you start to fly up and there you go up up in the sky. Instead of working along with the healing cloud here on Earth, taking up in that air towards the Lord, our big brother! Because later, one may continue and another not continue, in the New Era. 
Think of the parable of the virgins who were prepared and other not prepared (Matthew 25.1-13) in the middle of the night a cry went out'Here is the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!'.

So before his full revelation (parousia) one has to take the (Biblical) message of the end time.

WITHOUT ANY ACTION OF A HUMAN, THE EMPIRES OF THE EARTH ARE EXCHANGED FOR THE EMPIRE OF GOD. DANIËL 2.34-45. Then those who destroy the Earth get destroyed -Revelation 11.18.                                                                                                                                                                COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED by Hans Michael Chi 10 Sept 2006. Only copy for own use.

Bible predicts cleansed Earth. A New Age.

MOST OF RELIGION REJECTS FLESH AND BLOOD AND MATTER AND THIS EARTH AS FUTURE PLACE TO LIVE. THEY THINK TO LIVE IN A HEAVEN. BUT THERE IS NOT ONE BIBLETEXT IMPLICATING THAT PEOPLE GO TO LIVE IN HEAVEN IN JESUS AGE. Look at this; MATTHEW 16.17; "Blessed are You Simon Bar-jonah, because flesh and blood not did reveal (this) to You, but the Father of me in the heavens". GALATIANS 1.16; "Not I conferred with flesh and blood". EPHESIANS 6.12 "Because not is to us wrestling against blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world's rulers of the darkness age of this, against the spiritual of evil in the heavenlies". 1CORINTHIANS 15.50-57; "And I say, brothers, that flesh and blood Kingdom of God inheret not is able to, nor corruption incorruption inheret. Behold a mystery to You I tell: all indeed not we shall fall asleep, all but we shall be changed, in a moment, in a glance of an eye, at the last trumpet; will be trumpet for, and the dead will be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed. Must for corruptible this put on incorruption, and mortal this put on immortality, then will occur the word, having been written: was swallowed Death in victory. Where of you, death the sting; where of you Hades the victory? The and sting of death (is) sin, and the power of sin the law". So instead of dying, the sting of death is out and that does'nt mean life AFTER death where not any sort of flesh and blood is, but the flesh and blood on itself is of no value. JOHN 6.63; "The Spirit it is makes alive; the flesh not profits notting!".                                                                                                                                                          .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED by Hans Michael Chi 16 Nov. 2011. Only copy for own use.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

God reveals in other religions too, religious fanatism, wrong prudishness

GOD AND PEOPLE TRY TO FIND EACHOTHER IN THE FAR EAST;  The beacon of truth~~~~~~the valuable pagode; it is not necessary to search any longer~~~~~~she reflects the thousandfold splendour of the light in any direction~~~~~~~the wise says be prepared to work, pray and be humble~~~~~~~if you do so heaven can give you anything. ~~~~~~~~~GUAN YIN~~~~~~~~~.    
REPRESSION OF EROTICISM IN RELIGION;  Everybody understands that the fact that things work together good in Biblical sense, has to do with peoples behavior. After the misshaped prudishness, nowadays people go out of the not-so-prudish-at-all Biblical rules. People do things below the belt with other people than their wife/man. Also man plays woman and woman plays man, also in their way of clothing. Emancipation came out as eMANcipation instead of eWOMANcipation. The man is notting without the woman, the Bible writes (a.o. 1Corinthians 11.11-12) and that is no temporal circumstantional cultural law as there are also in the Bible. Nowhere the Bible writes that you have to be prudish to prevent sin. People should keep the right shape in things as clothing and not prudish dishonour the God given body, aswell as avoid sexual symbols which point (too much) to the belly (and so go over the edge) or nakedness which is the PRIVATEdomain.   
HARMFULL REPRESSIONS AND MISUNDERSTANDINGS;  The Bible in 1Corinthians 8.1-13 says that you can eat their sacrificial meat with non-Biblical priests in their temple. You're not participating in their conviction by doing so. Another example; the Bible rejects using God-images to pray by. That does not include expressing Biblical situations apart from God Himself, 2 or 3 dimensional. Yet another example; If I respect the good in other teachings as Buddhism or any, that does not mean that I get distance from God. Also God knocks on EVERYBODIES door whether people translate it their way so or so, closer or less closer to God. The koran writes for example also that people CAN be justified in their own religion.                                                                                                                                                        .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED by Hans Michael Chi 28 Aug 2006. Only copy for own use.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jesus WORKS! As the gate to God'S FULNESS of life.

As I wrote before, people have their own battery-comming-from-CHOICE. They had to CHOOSE to believe in God and be open to Jesus: in his own town he only could do a few healings because of their unbelieve; 'From where does he have this wisdom and powers, don't his sisters all belong with us, etc.' (Matthew 13.54-58). You hear those placebostories too; notting in the medicine and it works! And on physical things it works. If it agrees with the personal things! So the personal-CHOICE-BATTERY is also (automaticly) appealed before it works, the free choice has to co-operate. Certain people are also to appeal  on superstition, so a bracelet from the market has it's outside-good-order working with them if it is used as more as a motto, bringing unbalance however. So the free choice of people is necessary to co-operate; if they accept the idea concerning + accept the excistence of God + accept His supremation (= extra beyond your possibilities & protection for what's the best in the end), THEN God can give that EXTRA and free you from something you cannot solve, on top of God'S protection anyway. Bible Jeremiah 17.5; "So says the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm, and who's heart departed from the Lord". (Trusts in man and matter). Jeremiah 17.7; 'Blessed is the man who trusts the Lord, who's trust is the Lord, he though, shall be as a tree, planted on water, which spreads it's roots uptill a brook and don't notice it if the heat comes, but which foliage stayes green, who in a year of drought has no worry and not omits bearing fruit'. {Produces even fruit!}. Paul had a reason for a "thorn in his flesh", as he calls it, (2Corinthians 12.7) that had to pull something for him, because God lets everything work together for the good (Romans 8.28).                                                                                                                                                                  .                                                                                                                                                                          COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED by Hans Michael Chi 26 April 2012. Only copy for own use.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Do statues speak?? Do things speak?

Sometimes you just feel that something is not just an impression, coincidence, synchronicity, or, because you have that subject in you blown up. Something like that happened today. Having a very heavy thing on my mind I coincidently looked at a child-Jesus statue, and suddenly I knew that I had to quit having heavy feelings about the case, I will succeed. The Bible rejects images of God any way. But images apart from God Himself of Biblical situations are not rejected. Don't get me wrong, non of the sort of the things as in the occult-paranormal. Statues cannot speak, walk or turn their head. Like I experienced with a woman who went over from Hindu to the pentecostal faith, who called me, alarmed, that a Jesus bust (which is Biblicaly rejected; only a head and top of chest with heart on it, same as only a woman without expressing a situation with Mary is Biblical rejected because it points too much back to itself, missing a scene, also when it only gestures) turned the head towards her and looked nasty. Another time she called that her bed went up and down. Or in Amsterdam they quit the 'Silent procession' in honour of Mary the mother of Jesus. Then the morning after it was accustomed to do so, each year, the pastor went in his church and ascertained mud on the feet of the Mary statue, what they were accustomed to carry in the procession. Immediatly they restored the procession, founded on their conclusion that Mary did not liked them stopping it. Roman Catholic tradition has alas more of those things, as bleeding people on the places they think that Jesus was transfixed, for example. The Bible warns us through the whole Bible for metaphysical (asking force can come in) disorganizations: don't get in all sorts of diversion, then you know where you stand. As soon as you do this, things get messed up, and start to react different and you don't know what is what. Considder the huge hit of Stevie Wonder (I cannot help this backname): 'VERY SUPERSTITIOUS - VERY SUPERSTITIOUS, WRITINGS ON THE WALL etc. SUPERSTITION AIN'T THE WAY  etc. VERY SUPERSTITIOUS - THE DEVIL IS ON HIS WAY.                                                                                                                                                                  .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED by Hans Michael Chi 27 Aug 2006. Only copy for own use.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The other domain (deceased).

Did You ever have, that the telephone rang and that You heared somebody who died long ago, on the other side?
We all heared things like this. Apart from if we believe the person telling we cannot reject it as a shape it can take, also spirits in the flesh what people are cause things with their responsible part of choices loaded with the EFFECTIVE FORCE OF GOD or the asking force.                                                                                                                                                      Once I had a new station for the telephone and it was so new that even the telephonecompany did not knew how it worked precisely. To cut a long story short; I got myself on the telephone.               
Preacher Norman Vincent Peale saw his deceased brother while he was speaking, in the audience. He cherishes this happening though he had to stop his performance, because it shocked his emotions. And it was not a look alike. Stories like this and others you can find in books.                               There is a BORDER between the Earth and the "between lifes domain", where deceased partly skip time sleeping and part of time have consciousness. Jesus preached also to the deceased 1Peter 3.18-20, also Luke 23.43 'today You are with me in paradise' and the richman and poor Lazarus Luke 16.19-31 the poor in the bossoms of Abraham en the rich in the fire (our GOD is as a burning fire to clear things out Hebrews 12.27-29 and Deuteronomy 4.24), also Phillipians 1.21. It is not allowed to have full access because the Earth is put under 'free will choices development' , so there is no access to that domain and the other way around. That is why my mother for example had a visit from her deceased father in half awake/sleep condition (in where the connection is more possible), so, that she knew that it was not a dream. So there is contact 'around the corner', I mean on distance. And that is because you have to develop yourself on Earth in free choice,
not by seeing.                                                                                                         

So deeds have not the same value as it has in this life.
Call on God only Who gives also serving spirits (Hebrews 1.14). Not the other way around (1Samuel 28.15-20 and ONLY pray to God; Revelation 22.8). In the Bible 2Chronicles 21.12; Joram received a writing from Elijah who was in the heavenly domain.                                                                                  So messages as seeing deceased on the street, or getting another message, are no nonsens just like that, wether you can believe the person telling or not.                                                                                   That hallucinations are possible does'nt mean that a thing like that don't 
Signs on the wall picturing connection can take different shapes, also to make it acceptable but cannot lie and have no opening for more explanations if they picture precisely that.
Then you are in contactatmosphere.

Also considder Genesis 5.24 and Hebrews 11.5 about Enoch taking away.
2Kings 2.11 Elijah taken up.
In that domain one cannot produce the results we produce on Earth where we have to go by choice and so come out by ultimate free choice without seeing.                                                                                                                                                                .                                                                                                                                                                         COPYRIGHT RESERVED & PUBLISHED by Hans Michael Chi 20 April 2012. Only copy for own use.