Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pray and receive.

Count with GOD and prayer and eventual disturbing sin in the walk of things.
Sing praise glorify and shout of joy the Lord.
So also shout of joy.
Not put black clothes on and have a sombre barren grave face.
It is not the many but the intention and normal amount of praying.
And your heart needs to be a copy of your deeds.
Everything extra is like the gentiles the Bible writes and superstitious (Bible Matthew 6.7-8). Normal effort is required by GOD and sometimes patience.
GOD can melt any frozen possibility.
Also leave GOD space to perfect something instead of obstruct GOD'S perfect solution(s). Keeping up something you want can invite to examine if it does'nt work to see if you need to go other way(s).
GOD helps despite you may continue wrong way(s). And knocks again on your door to try to explane by showing you things along your way.  Sometimes there are strong happenings to make you clear you should go somewhere.
Miracles of GOD are there where things are lying backwards for several reasons where we don't know behind the screens how things connect.
There is miraculous saving from adversity where you may say "Was the adversity necessary?".
So it is always good to think. If one is addressable (threating) adversity can be used by GOD.
There can be a restraining fact you should correct.
For one example a pentecostal woman prayed somebody free from negativity and said "I feel something left" and then the person concerning said "I only have a very little buddhastatue left that cannot be it". The pentecostal woman said that this was it and to remove it. Being removed the pentecostal woman felt the situation was free.
There are two things going on, one is crossing a border if unBiblical and get into clairvoyancy as condition and what they call 'falling in the Spirit' (falling unconscious), what they call 'laughing in the Spirit' (laugh-attacks) which all this you cannot find in the Bible and what they call 'speaking in tongues' refering to the language-gift the apostles had then, and if contra-Biblical the asking force can come in next to the good, two is that some things cross a border, a Buddhistic statue is not yet meant to figure the upperteacher of GOD for the Biblical.
Also a statue or other image of a man meant to figure Jesus which does not express a situation, so it points so to say back to itself  as a would be image of Jesus is crossing a border.
There where the Bible writes that any image of GOD is not allowed anyway a.o. 2nd of the Ten Commandments Bible Deuteronomy 5.6-21, Exodus 20.1-17.
Also the (really) wrong can seek eachother (asking force/develish/negative battery) so that, also generally speaking confirmation does'nt mean automaticly the right track.
For example somebody thinking he/she can buy off sin to give money to a church he/she thinks is closest to the Bible and GOD, there where you cannot buy off sin, skip and repent the sin and do the gift or good deed anyway, and how close is the church to the Bible.
Because other things one does are effectable on eachother too, also connecting the asking force.
So always considder the additionsum of the Bible how things lie. 
For one example Joseph had a mog where he predicted the future with (Genesis 44.5) there where the Bible writes not to do that (Deuteronomy 18.10-12). So not only the Joseph-text but the additionsum about oracling/predicting etc.. Because you need and should not frustrate the fully co-operation of things which expresses everything, by premature oracling clairvoyance as condition etc..
And if that not succeeds then you can ask GOD like the apostles do for choosing the replacement of Judas (Bible Acts 1.23-26 also Leviticus 16.8, Numbers 26.55, Joshua 7.14, Joshua 18.6, 1Samuel 14.41, 2Samuel 5.23, 1Chronicles 26.13-16).

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