Wednesday, August 29, 2018

GENESIS, Big Bang, Pulsating Universe or what?

In a beginsituation berêsjiet GOD had created bara' elohiem the heavenspace êt hasjamàjim and the Earth weêt haàrets
In beginsituation GOD had created, not created, anyway see below about times.

There is not mentioned that it were days of our 24 hours and 60 minutes during our length to pass.
Also a day is as 1000 year with GOD (Bible Psalms 90.4, 2Peter 3.8) and other days eras times are mentioned. 
The texts below describe the bigger repeating and bigger downcast and new start (involution-downcast/evolution-upcomming-new start [not Darwinism]).
NOT MAN AFTER UNIVERSE as most of science tries to force. So as in Hosea 6.1-3 the big 'days' (eras) 'return to the LORD' and 'HE teared and has beaten us' is the wages of the free will and free choice development rewarding necessity.
Bible Ecclesiastes 3.1-17; "That which has been it already is, and that which is to be it already has been", also things upside down wickedness on the place of justice and righteousness, the world in reverse,  Hosea 6.1-3; three (repeating) cosmic 'days' or eras 1 the downcast from paradise-era 2 the 'night' 3 the establishing of the paradise era, Jeremiah 4.23-28; Heavens had no light etc., 'yet I (GOD) will not make a full end' 'but will not repent nor turn back from it', Isaias 24.1-23; things upside down Earth's foundation quake Earth breaking breaking crashing crashing tottering tottering like a drunkard staggering staggering rocking to and fro like a hut "and it (the Earth) shall fall and not rise again" (in that creation/timecircle, big-fall-down/downcast, not the purified Earth at 2nd comming Jesus, not full end though as we saw [stump foundation stock roots + new start Genesis 1]), Acts 3.21; restoration of all things, 2Peter 3.5-3.7; "that heavens were of old" 2Peter 3.7; "the but now heavens and the earth" (=about two different things), Habakkuk 3.6; "the ancient mountains were shattered; the eternal hills bowed down. The goings of eternity are His",  Acts 1.6; "do You restore the kingdom to Israel at this time?" (asking Jesus about Kingdom of GOD on Earth), Psalms 102.25 GOD created before old פּנים, see also "Magic. GOD moving in mysterious ways. Hidden blessings. Challenge." and below here.

Also the many Bibletexts with "foundation katabole of the world" katabole means; cast down, and; foundation-lying. So the world kosmos has been in a foundation-putting position.
By the way; never using themelios meaning  foundation making.
There is also a lot typology in the Bible, for one example Nebukadnessar Bible Daniël 4.1-4.37; Nebukadnessar's  dream about a tree uptil heaven and visible from the whole Earth which feeds all what lives. A holy person called with loud voice; cut the tree but leave it's stump and his heart will be changed into a animal-heart and 7 times will pass by, so that everybody knows that the Most High has power over the kingship of people and gives it to the lowest. Nebukadnessar had haughtiness and was cast out and lived as a animal in the field. As the dark-age or cosmic night an "animal heart" instead of "human heart" competitiveness as a general sin, serve eachother is the law. The stump is left from the tree which reached uptil heaven and visible on the whole Earth meaning cast-down but not totaly.
So there is a cast down and an uprising of creation and apart from that there-in the history of Adam & Eve where GOD created Adam & Eve.
Kaïn had a sign not to harm him by people in other countries.
So there is a line of descent as mentioned in the Bible, through Mary and one through Joseph, from Adam till Jesus. 
DNA research by the way leads back to the Paradise area. 
In this I mention the world-wide floodstories the globe around, over 300!
So the world-wide interconnection of all people through time routes back to the Paradise area (Adam).

So there is a start entered in eternal circulation keeping the creation-wheel turning.
The building up co-operation of people is also necessary, for the soul-expression where creation is for.
Note Genesis 2.5 plants or herbs of the field yet there because no rain or man there...
To understand all this: these are different periods of millions and millions of earthyears as for example what I mention in "Magic. GOD moving in mysterious ways. Hidden blessings. Challenge." the 4oo -not 365 of our days years- alive and kicking and the 7 days -not of 24 of our hours- the Earth rests and the days in Genesis 1.1-2.4 turning behind the surface.
So there was a perfect enclave where Adam & Eve were cast out.
"The Earth is cursed because of You" GOD spoke Bible Genesis 3.17-19, nature spoiled and physical (human) death (decay uptill physical death) comes in.

In Genesis 1.1- 2.4 we see the creation as it is, the total. From Genesis 2.5 we see the interstart, history uptil now.


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