Thursday, December 26, 2013

PANG! & CATCH; The significant birth of the right thing.

Getting a whole scheme of things, to end up at a certain point in time which has the right elements, is a crazy thing if you think about it.
There is a lot of history before you have that ONE comming together. Too much things have to fit. And it has to build up together with the things comming from all directions, to that situation you need.
"It had to happen", so it is striking the amounth of happenings you need from the 3 dimensional web of all things; the tram has to go through the traffic to name one, to say 'pang' ending up where you needed to be at the right time.
Also the ending up and playing a specific part of something from the past.

So subconsciously you seem to be able to play in-, interact, to arrive at the right constellation
So we can come to see here that the killing of movement, cutting things shorter, removes shapes. Always if there is movement there are shapes. Things interacting with eachother. 
I thought about something when I was in the city today. I try to do some thinkingwork in a little park regulary in the centre of the city. So I thought about seeing a man and woman in a café years ago, an Asian woman talking on a table with a man -typical that you remember a scene like that, I just passed by- and then I thought something about the comming together of those two. Who knows where they came from. How interesting if you think of the let's call it, the 'pang' moment. The right thing born, grown on the things before and the whole bunch of things influencing vice versa of that history. 
Now you can say 'pang' through the internet skipping movements that you otherwise need to say pang. Well there is an airplane for far away and walking and a bicycle for closer by. So there is a time and shape and place for everything.
Things attend to happen along (any) movement without being able to take consciously the régie.
So keep in mind; to end up RIGHT don't cut short the way to get there. 
Somehow the two in the café I mentioned, met.
Before I had internet it always striked me as unreal, cyberspace, crazy puppets etc.. So don't cross a border.
Always because of doing one thing another thing happens and the reality comes out. 
Coincidently or by intuition you went that and that way, also on the internet and who knows what sort of 'pang' you get!!! But internet cannot cover other things that need to happen.
I met a Japanese artist because of a flat tire, I could have met her on the internet long distance, but how special that we met in my town. And me getting into that, after postponing and postponing, almost too late to see her because I thought "Why should I?" and the flat tire did me passing by there, seeing her "Well let I go in the gallery", with my whole scheme to arrive there to say PANG.
The long arm of coincidence. The endless arm of God. Give God the last word.
You do one thing and the other thing that needs to happen happens.
Slowness is filled with things you skip in speed. When Karel Appel, the famous painter, was asked "How do You work?" he said "I go walking".
Enjoy a prospect for example instead of rushing in.
Things have to work, move, to get the right happenings expressing the souls. 
And it works behind the screen, you move because of one thing and things that need to manifest, happen, and also carry the seed for later in the 3 dimensional web, if you're conscious or not.
Use opportunities, circumstances take you to a certain point, free will, at that moment, a laugh; you were too late, it went wrong etc., it works behind the screen.
In the Bible Ester is taken from her home for the house of women of the king, who tried to find the right woman. Ester said "I NOTICE THE HAND OF GOD" and "I leave it up to Him that I will be able to put in a good word with the king to save the people" and they were not killed. Biblebook Ester.
Since then the Purimfeast, Bible Ester 9.26, is still there to celebrate all this. The all-knowing power of God causes a universe founded on soul. 
Recognize a chance.
I saw two people on TV just yet, I coincidently zapped by, I have no remote control so I pass by channels so I catch something I don't search for....., two people a man and woman, the man telling "I had some time between things and decided to drink a glass of wine. Going into the parking I almost hitted a woman who jumped aside, I lowered the window and we laughed..... and started to talk...." this was some time ago, they are still together.
So if you think about it things happen like that. You need something that carries purpose and creates the opportunity.
Don't look for the "perfect" opportunity. 

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Monday, December 9, 2013

The non-public life of Jesus.

The public life of Jesus is written in several historybooks. For example Flavius Josephus {also about Jesus' brother (Mark 3.21, John 7.1-13, Galatians 1.19)}, Cornelius Tacitus, Lucian of Samosata, Pliny The Younger, Celsus, Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, Thallus, Mora Bar Cepurian, The Talmud, Aristides The Athemian, Justin Martyr, Ignatius of Antioch, Hegesippus, Clement of Rome, the koran, Mishna, Midrashin. 
But what about the non public life of Jesus??
What did he do before. And..... after.
He  physicaly resurrected (Lucas 24.39-42; "a spirit has no flesh and bones as You see I have" and he ate some fish) and after 40 days disappeared in a cloud, the Bible writes. But there are no specifics if he left the Earth immediately or what. Only that he "sits on the right hand of Power" (a.o. Matthew 26.64) till the "day" he (Luke 17.30) is revealed again (paroussia). This 'right hand of Power' is a position a title. There is for example also an expression in the Bible; 'from heaven' meaning comming from above, from God'S domain, and comming 'from earth' meaning comming from matter, from below, worldly. If you don't know these, it can confuse things in for example 'heavenly Kingdom' which don't means living upthere. Also aeon meaning worldage and kairós as parts of that for another example, and 'days', aeons goes about very big periods uptill millions of earthyears, but just translating aeon with 'world' it can support the teaching that the Earth is going to be demolished; 'this world (aeon) ends', there where the Bible for example a.o. in Psalms 104.5 writes "the earth is for ever and ever".
There are several more serious stories about that Jesus, before and after (resurrected) his public life, traveled to the East and even uptil Herai, now called Shingo, near Hatsidate Japan. 
There was a vivid travelroute from East to West and vice versa in that time. You only had to join into the group of travelers. 
Via India Tibet further China, where stories about Jesus passing there, still are very alive. Swami Abhedananda founder Vedanta Society New York, tried to debunk the story of Jesus been in India Tibet and further China region (a.o. Nicolas Notovitch, Nicholas Roerig) but discovered copies of original hidden documents.
Also in Islam.
Apart from this it is of some interest that Jesus and Siddharta Gautama (Buddha) did simular things as signs teachings anyway, Jesus could be welcomed there anyway.
Why stating at forehand that a thing like this is impossible? However don't swallow things just like that. 
A Shinto high priest Kiyomaro Takeuchi who's family is connected to the emperor for millennia recognized officialy this matter in 1936.
If you cut away the weeds (a lot) there is something left. 
Search "The lost years of Jesus" and you find on the line Israël-Japan a lot. 
Writers about Jesus traveling uptill Japan; Charroux, Kiku Yamane, Rowland G. Gould, Y.S Matsumara, Jandai Monji, Laurent J. Teisseire, Prof. J. Meulman, Joseph Eidelberg, Marvin Tokayer, Nicolas Notovich, etc.. 
Suwa Taisha shrine Ontohsai 15th of the 4th each year, in Nagano prefectuur; festival illustrating the story of Isaac, Bible Genesis 22, one of the important rituals in Shinto religion. Mount Moriya is the holy place there, Genesis 22.2 Moria. The original Japanese Shinto belief is free of idols, like the Bible is. It is very surprising that the Shinto religion rituals are same as in the Bible for that part. 
The standingpoint that matter, places, is spirit related, in Shinto, is right in the sense that things always represent/embody something, only their explanation that you should please, pay honour and pray to spirits because of the fact that they are in that matter, places, differs of course from the Bible where the praying must point to GOD Who puts everything/-body where it is.
There is however one Absolute Creator in Shinto, the holy couple Izanagi & Izanami are on the eighth place in the creationorder, the line of emperors are still the highpriests. The Kami in things means 'that what is above (it)'. The Divine spirit demands life on Earth for joy, happiness, fulfilment, the goal is to come in unity with the DIVINE. Harmony is the word. Here and now is the characteristic.
God is absolute monarch in the Bible. Idol honouring or calling on anybody or anything only pointing to GOD in this perspective. Compare the apron of Paul healing Bible Acts 19.11-12 and 2Kings 13.21 where close to the bones of Elisa somebody came to life again, works by {(sub)conscious} agreement of the participants.
The purity rituals in Shinto are striking, symbolizing getting to the the purity, orginality, of all things.
Some simularities with the Bible are striking. The offering on Moriya I mentioned. Also the Mikoshi, shape and purpose very similar as Tabernacle, is put inside the building called Jikkenroh and compared with the Ark. 75 Dearheads (no sheeps in ancient Japan) are offered where 75 heads of lambs are offered in the Biblical Samarian Passover Festival, dears and lambs are Kashrut in the Bible. Survey of the Jikkenroh is same size as Sanctum Tabernacle and both a roof without walls and skeleton of a building with pilars arranged at regular intervals. Branches of Sakaki, flowering evergreen, are used, also to clarify the body, as hyssop (Bible) for the same purpose. Onbashira, over there, wooden poles on each corner as in temples Jerusalem. A Mikoshi is indispensable in festivals of Shinto shrines. There are festivals in every small town in any season.
The beauty in Shinto tells something.
Also in the area around Herai traditions alien to the rest of Japan as; dialect, place name as in Hebrew, foreign looking facial features, clothing as toga-like robes for men, veils worn by women, babies in woven baskets and wrapping them in robes embroidered with a star of David like symbol, crosses on their forehead of charcoal as talisman.
HOWEVER IN THE BIBLE YOU ONLY PRAY TO the "unpersonal"*-everybodies-Father-GOD revealed by the Bible and Jesus Christ - *Who doesn't seek  personality cult- WHO GIVES ALL THE REST, AND FOR EXAMPLE A HANDKERCHIEF OR APRON (Bible Acts 19.11-12) OF PAUL HEALS POINTING TO GOD.

So you can state that we cannot say what Jesus did between his 12th and thirty-something 
AND what he did after getting out of sight, seperating from the more intimate followers; Luke 24.50-51 Mark 16.19, Acts 1.9-11, where the 'sitting on the right hand of Power' started because HE WAS READY, FINISHED HIS WORK and was taken up to Heaven(ly position).
He left publicity like that. 
Jesus; 'It is better that I go, then the Comforter can come' John 16.6, 
John 14.16-17: "I will petition THE FATHER , and another Paraclete (Comforter) He will give You, that He abide with You forever, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, whom the world (worldly of this aeon) is not able to receive, because not it sees Him, nor knows Him".
He left public life like that.
But where Jesus physicaly went...........?
Immediately to (a) heaven as dwellingplace?

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Read life as a book, not as a formula.

You cannot read life, appearing in your field of view, as a formula. "This or that confirmation happened, so I am on the right track". It is not like that. Take for example protestant Mary sisters in Germany, reporting about for example a quarrel that's disturbing things and having ended the quarrel a printingmachine started working again, so it appeared later, at the very time they ended the quarrel. But you must watch not to start a superstitional pact with your surrounding believing like that. 
'After I went there, this or that happened after it' and you start an explanation in the sense of it giving a direction to go'. Keep that sober. God'S coincidences CAN work that way. Considder what I mentioned before; Stevie Wonder's hit: "Writings on the wall....the Devil is on his way". Because at certain moment you connect to the writing on the wall instead of the Spirit. 
Because it gets out of proportion comming into a relation with creation more than the Creator (Bible Romans 1.25) looking for/anticipating on the precize also to reach things.
So it is like this;
You have to draw a distinction in God'S prints, between symbols you see on the wall, are they a situation-copy? or telling something else, and (general) adversity should making you wonder why.
So in the end it is the sincere act that counts for rewarding circumstances.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting into superstition.

Two people on the street; "Can I ask You a question?". "Yes" I said. "You believe in God?". I said "In the Bible and in God" "and in Jesus" I should have added I am thinking now, but at that moment it went like that.
So I said to them that the problem is that people think that I come with the things they hear about churches, about their deviant teachings and practisings, and so I have to overcome that to let them listen.....
And they kept talking and talking and you could'nt get a word between that. "No it is no pentecostal" they said, "Oh that would fit me" I said. I said that because a.o. the practise of the falling unconscious and occult-paranormal comming in etc. you see in pentecostal churches. But it happened again that people deny these sort of pentecostal happening and that it just that appears to be. Here too, you HAVE to speak in tongues, they said to my answer that I did'nt. 
The Bible writes that there is an early rain of the Holy Spirit in the first age and also a late rain and also the Bible writes that if there are languages (gift of), they will be abolished, etc., because our knowledge is PARTLY; Bible 1 Corinthians 13.8-13. Also that not everybody speaks languages; Bible 1 Corinthians 12.28-31. 
So the people I met had the forced system of anticipation to the gifts as a precondition, which gets into superstition. 
If You know how Spiritists sing and pray and still end up wrong because of their ANTICIPATIONS. 
I preach the New Endowment after the late Rain.
For the Glory Period of God to come on Earth.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Sitting with your butt on a volcano.

If you look at inspector Clouseau (Peter sellers), you see he always gets in 'commings together' with funny things. I had an uncle, who had a word he always used, and it striked me that he managed to use that word 3 times in 15 minutes I counted ones even more. How is it possible that the conversation goes like that, that you are able to fit that in for some reason: "Well, that's a joke!". (In Dutch "Ook een bak!").
One example of Clouseau is a scene that you see a bench, well there are benches. But this bench is predestined to give place to the buttock of Clouseau. 
Because it is not standing straight and: IT STANDS TOO CLOSE TO THE WATER. 
So you already know that Clouseau is gonna sit on a thing like that. A zen-teacher lets his pupil cook and whipe the floor and maybe once a year attacks the pupil. The pupil fineshes the course when he knows when the teacher is going to attack. Cato, housekeeper of Clouseau did that too (sudden attack). So (sub)consciously people are able to connect to things and pick up things, normaly already. 
And come out right.
There is a cycle called: the fire in the Earth melts the matter and this comes out and becomes soil again, etc. etc., volcanic activity. But you don't NEED to sit with your buttock on the edge trying to avoid it. Some pentecostals make that mistake, Bible Mark 16.18: "Snakes they will take and if they drink something deadly it will not harm them", does'nt mean that you should handle snakes as they do in their church to practise that.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013


The believers shared everything and had all things together and they sold the possessions and distributed to all who needed (Bible Acts 2.44-45). I cannot live like that, one needs personal expression in things. To a rich guy Jesus said; Sell everything and give that to the poor and follow me. Sadly the rich man went on because he could'nt (Bible Luke 18.22-30). I cannot sell everything either. I live already simple. But if you cut the exaggeration I am a (Biblical) communist. Economical motives which are not based on serve eachother but eat eachother are murder: you don't do the things because of the things but because it gives you money. 
In Rotterdam they demolish the houses of poor people to build for the rich to mix rich and poor. So the poor are not clustering. Well let's hope that the rich this way can learn from the poor. 
I sold lots for homeless children; in the poor neighbourhood I sold at every door and in the very-little-bit-less-poor neighbourhood I sold not one lot. And in the more better neighbourhood they madly punched the window with a mad face and gestures "What are You disturbing me!". The whole picture is very social in the poorer neighbourhood. The headmaster of my lower school wrote after his pension that he was very impressed of the people of the Oude Noorden (Old North) of Rotterdam how they are with eachother, and are there for eachother.
The Little Red Book of Mao Tse Toeng; ......notice a dangerous inclination and unwillingness to share prosperity and adversity with the mass and a craving to get personal glory and profit. This is a very evil inclination" (message 255).
We all know that later Mao Tse Toeng lost the right perspective of things as history learns, to put it very mildly.
I still have the Little Red Book. HOW THINGS DERAIL.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I WANTED TO SEE SOMEBODY WHO MOVED TO THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN, FROM WHICH I REGRETED POSTPONING TO GET IN CONTACT WITH, AND WHAT HAPPENED; for something I did'nt had I went to the shop on the corner (You know how it is, you get things with the supermarket but then there are things you still need, so you go around the corner) AND WHO CAME AROUND THAT CORNER!? So we talked and exchanged telephonenumbers. 
Of course You know how it is with these things; you need the PRECISE SECOND to let that CLICK. It needs to be very precise to let that come together, the whole bunch of things connected, for you, and the other person. Considder how many "ties" there are so that consecutive happenings and also THEIR connections, influence vice versa, to the arriving at that moment.
Another example; same thing happened to me with a dessert that appeared to be spoiled, I jumped on the bicycle to change that, OF ALL THINGS twenty minutes after closingtime! This shop does'nt close precisely but this is crazy, and who did I see; somebody I also liked very much to see but did not feel free to call. 
Had an important conversation and skipped the changing of the dessert.
Madly impulsive jumping on the bicycle.
BUT DOES THIS WORKING TOGETHER COMES FROM UPHIGH? For my concern you could be connected with other atmospheres that incline, instead of God'S soberness, which inclines to things. 
A Chinese woman I know had burglars, she said, "I did something, now or in my former life why this happens". The burglars exist, but there is a comming together in this. However, the fact is there that you can make your heavenly works/deeds-account as good as possible and there is forgiveness in the Bible. So there is more to that than that ALONE. 
Today I saw a pamphlet under the wiper of a car while going on my bicycle and got an impression about a market but was already past it and went on. After that I passed by a square on distance but saw the roofs of something and had the strong inclination to go there. But I strongly refused, no, no, I am not gonna do it. And then passing the crossing I thought I maybe better take it as a hint seeing that one pamphlet and the strong FEELING. So I stepped down from my bicycle and walked back , over the bridge and there appeared to be a market and found a few books , one Chinese and a little Chinese ship with musicians on it for 0,50 cents.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

A FLYING raven catches always SOMETHING.

A flying RAVEN CATCHES ALWAYS something. IF THERE IS MOVEMENT THERE IS life you could say. 
Do everything you can. Go places, read books, make a walk, go take a look here or there, do something on a hobby, to cut it short; do things. 
You often don't know the co-ordinate of things that are useful. You see things, hear things, feel things, that also subconsciously are used. Sow, harvest, sow, harvest, and see you have "a garden". 
I write this so extensive because -me too- people have an inclination 'why should I do this or that, go here or there, is it enough useful?'. But if you go after your feeling, it is alright. Motion creates the appearance of motion you need, there is a comming together of certain things which play a part somehow and see also the writing on the wall.
And if you believe in God you have that extra because God is'nt knocking for notting on everybodies door, reading your souldesires, because the part of the free will (has to) co-operate(s) (sub)consciously, on top of God'S consideration anyway, it is you who opens up or not to the treasures passing by.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ages, millennias, aeons.

A day to the Lord is as 1000 years and 1000 years as one day ( Bible 2Peter 3.8), so if you count further a big year would be 365.000 earthyears and so you could continue. 
It is not mentioned in the Bible how long the creationdays are and if these are 24 of the hours we know now. A day is determined by the fact how long it takes for a certain point on the Earth surface to describe a full circle around. So a day on Mars is a bit shorter for example. 
There are days of millions and millions of earthyears a.o. Bible Hosea 6.1-3; the downfall and resurrection of creation: 'Come let us return to the Lord because He has ripped apart and will heal us He has beaten and will bind us up. After two days He will revive us and the third day He will raise us and we will live before His face. Yes we want to know Him (then again) and persue to know Him. As sure as the daybreak is His comming up. Then He commes to us as the rain, as the late rain, which sprinkles the land'. So a downfall, a revive and a raise to fullness again = 3 (enormous) big days, which we not all live through consciously.
Extensive Bibletext references and explanation about this in "GENESIS, Big Bang, Pulsating Universe or what?".
So the building up situation where we are set to make choices and so excersize, materialize, actualize, ourselfes for the responsible part we have to do ourselfs, is the revive-part where God creates us in the flesh again. We are asleep or conscious in the spirit-departement when not in the flesh.
The first part of Genesis reports about the perfect creation Genesis 1.1-2.3 where for example man eats fruit (grain beans and what you make from that, etc.) and the animals eat vegetables. So that alone already gives another perspective of course. Then you see the evolution of things further in details developing comming from the downfall, starting Genesis 2.5. 
Without giving numbers you see those days, weeks, years, in the Bible for the duration of certain things. 

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

God keeps everything in His Hand.

It is pure creation.
Things fit around you.
There is no chaos, the soul print is in it always and ever, written so to speak in the book of God.
God'S Hand is in coincidence, so things come together according to souls desire. So even in the diversion God has His print.
So if somebody gets pregnant for example by an ungodly action then still it is not outlawed. 
Things are not loose from eachother. So the coinciding puts things together because of the souls involved. 
Look what the Bible writes;
'You wove me in the womb of my mother.
My bones were not hidden for You when I was made in the hidden
worked out in the depths of the Earth-domain
Your eyes saw my shapeless beginning in Your book they were all written, the days that would be formed when non of them existed
How exquisite are Your thoughts o God'.
(Psalms 139).
So notting is outside the law of God, it is outside the law of God to do artificial insemination but that does not mean -if excersized- that GOD WOULD NOT PLUG IN TO THE DIVERSION.
In the last days of the aeon of the asking force, the Son of Evil has to come too, so a thing as Hitler is inherent on the history to unfold and had to happen in the scene as part of eternity. As part of the asking force Hitler manifested himself as he did.
As the Bible writes we have judgement after one life, we can do better but not do that life over again, you cannot do the same thing over..... Bible Hebrews 9.27; "And as it is reserved to men once to die, after and this judgement, so Christ, once having been offered of many to bear sins, a second [time] without sin will appear to those him expecting for salvation". 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Professor John Lorber of the university of Sheffield established only between 50 - 150 grams of braintissue where normal is 1.5 kgs. Instead of being an invalid the person concerning had an IQ of 126 and a mathematics degree on Sheffield university....... See a.o. Wikipedia.
If You know my matter You know that I am not pro (meta)physical diversions, but pro 'one thing supporting and causing another'. Coinciding things painting the painting of life seeing around you. 
And here we have a case of somebody scientificly established with 50 - 150 grams of brain instead of the normal 1.5 kgs with an IQ of 126 and a math degree.....
Spirit above matter is a fact to me. So it is spirit IN matter and happenings all the way.
So where is the dispensation comming from that somebody with AN EMPTY HEAD, HOLLOW, NO BRAIN, does a sort of thing like this?! 
Another case; certain alzheimer patients developped gamble-addiction -mentioned in the description of the medicine- because of that medicine. Here we have the case that matter is the print of spirit, medicine can influence the execution in certain cases but not the spirit. 
Skip coördinating coinciding totality of things, and read thoughts, cause the moving of matter (telekinesis) those sort of terrible rubbish.
But there is a clause in the totality of things that is supernatural. This has notting to do with occult. Nor God nor the Bible accepts or uses the occult.
Everybody heared stories as "The painting which somebody who died loved so much fell down the wall precisely at the moment when I wondered about....... and it striked me as a sign". 
The comming together (there we have my principle again) of the painting falling because of any reason, CAN have something to say. So how you recognize what's the content of this. What is behind it. IS it grandmother now or through time? I even have a case-history of somebody who thinks that the door moves without somebody comming through it or draught or unbalance set in motion. Heavy things fell down once with no likely explanation. Also she putted her hand above my fore-arm without me seeing it, so no suggestion, and we both felt a heavy load between her hands and my fore-arm! Seeing spirits and bizarre things also, and "I have to fight myself free in the night". Telling this to a relation the relation felt attacked the same way too in the night! What seems suggestion. She experiences always meaningless synchronicity "It does'nt mean anything" she says. Hearing voices also. Electrical plugs ones burst after seeing a ghost, whatever this synchronism is.
There is a child in the bathwater (not throw away the child with the bathwater is the saying).
You can't say that it is wrong that an earthly or not earthly spirit is seeking contact and calls on you and if you're open to it that you can see or hear that person.
You cannot recognize an angel or spirit which appears in 'normal body' also in the Bible. But not always.
So it is clear that this case is mixed up stuff, but can be corrected.
So whitin Biblical setting (system) the good comes out. And in the case history of the almost brainless person it don't need to be conform the asking force (develish).

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