Friday, December 2, 2016

Biblical-devious teachings in Biblical religions.

It is striking how people use Jesus words and the Bible deviating from the concrete in the Bible.
So they count with calculating astrology pulling energy of minerals (pulling) blossomremedies, Catholic priests put runes (Run = Germanic meaning secret occult-magical and miraculous) on their vestment, bless matter as water to forward blessing for example instead of a house or person or situation. And pray to the "unpersonal personal" everybodies Father GOD, revealed by Jesus, Who does not seek personalitycult as is seen in saints, angels etc. with their specialities. Jesus only pointed to the FATHER without personal things of himself, that is left out, like it is not and playing a role with Roman Catholic saints. Which differs from the sober thing; connecting the co-operation of the pray-intentions of a soul alive in the flesh or not. But not go via this soul to GOD as for example build-in a statue of saint Barbara in tunnels (wrong accent, Barbara on top) as they do in the so Protestant Holland (!!!). Where is the right to do so in public place!!!
I met a priest who got a red face when preaching. During this sermon he always looked in one direction, mine by the way, and walked away on occasions or shortened it. Later they said that he was sick and somebody else did the mass. Later he turned up again. So when he was busy it was alright but during sermon he did not trust the situation. I told a psychologist this who said that apart from believing in GOD what I said, he also needs to believe in himself, what I kept contradicting. SO THERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE THINGS I MENTIONED HERE, Catholicism alas has those things which you cannot find in the additionsum of the whole Bible which provides us the concept for all things to form opinion.

Emptying the mind instead of be inspired by the things GOD uses, give power to own believing in something personality power of positive thinking law of attraction law of abundance law of compensation law of cause and effect. Counting with searched omens, is a thing like that, which puts you different in the whole thing connecting to that, where the healthy intuition has to organize things and sort out instead of put synchronicities together by anticipating on that, so -not meant- the asking force has an opening to come in.
All these things disturb the fully co-operation of things to fully express everything.
Teach that things are so (happen) that you develop yourself and others and society, instead of because of the soul where everything is for, development cannot be without fulfilment of the topical needs of the manifestation of the soul and that result later.
Un-natural powers as lifting a heavy load instead of the use of  natural methodes which co-operate to express the whole thing. Fast travel without any form of transport just like that (teleportation).. 
Things are what they are and so express everything and we should not lessen that. Along those lines everything happens.
Striking how they point to the Biblical GOD in spiritism for example and manifest things outside of Biblical order. Also I see pentecostals get out of (Biblical) hand a.o. lying unconscious in their church (falling in the Spirit they call it) where also the situation of the first Christians does not count 1Corinthians 13.8-9. 
Escaping the search for improvements by explaning every sort adversity away. We all know that the Bible writes over and over again that GOD lets for example attack the people by their enemies (to prevent more worse) because of their sin. Deny and disregard this Earth as dwellingplace forever as the Bible states. No understanding alas of the fact that wonders are signs respecting the give-and-take-not-going-outside natural order and exceptions and not casual.
Forgiveness and teaching exist both so you don't need to pay back what you did wrong and you may go through teaching. Everything in good balance and order without overcropping and so steal.
Even ideas about conception of man by mindpower in that line.
And all that with Biblical GOD before and here and there and surrender.
Power of affirmations also, there where a motto is healthy.
Being at more than one place at the time just like that is another unhealthy example of that line. Do healthy things you are not aware of during sleep can happen in other level. Also interference of spirits is another thing that happens too in this.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Prosperity, adversity, destiny, trial, connected purposes.

An Islamic girl, muslims already believe in GOD, had demonical activity as doors slamming without draft or so and strangling sensations in the night, stabbing sensation and hearing breathing next to her. 
She seeking help everywhere and nothing helped, comes in contact with a Biblical who prayes to GOD in the name of Jesus, she felt peace and something moving in her and everything bad run away.
After stopping practising the worship thinking I just call on GOD in the name of Jesus she lost everything as work etc.. So because of the deliberate quiting and stripping to that wanting to use it without acknowledging, the bad saw chance (opening) to come back. 
After restoring worship everything came in order. You can't skip everything and just do the calling on GOD in the name of Jesus when necessary and leave out normal acknowledging worship. However don't think that the quantity equals the result Bible Matthew 6.5-14 because this is superstition. 
Another case what passed by through years is a Christian-reformed woman experiencing a sound of breathing and somebody stepping in her bed with the mattress moving, nothing visible. 
Yet another hearing voices, seeing spirits, feeling attacked in the night and also doors moving without detectable cause. Doing a magnetizing action both she and the subject treating felt a heavy load between her hands and the arm of the subject.
The answer to this is if you profess the worship in GOD this cannot come near. If you practise and add other elements it works different so that there is something giving an opening. For one example the Christian-reformed woman I talk about called a mesmerist (occult-paranormal outside natural give and take order) for help.
It can happen that good people drift away in confusion because of pressure of their surrounding, think of Roman Catholic tradition alas with their addings, and pentecostals fainting in church having laughattacks clairvoyance-condition auras (just like that) mindreading knowing things about somebody (if accessable/addressable), which disorganizes GOD'S co-operating natural order into lack of necessary manifesting expression of all things, because of short-cutting-paranormal, above healthy intuition impressions contactatmosphere intertime/interspace antenna. 
Also the speed where things go with nowadays kills necessary living-through-producing-experience what you need to undergo to enjoy things and full happiness. And laboratory produced food instead of natural. 
Every casual person knows that you better have natural, without complicated explanations. 
Genetic manipulation is another example which disrupts (coherent) things.
So if you experience adversity you always should examine your situation for improvements - where you have to be willing to look outside your perspective and convictions. I also experienced through years that people want to be helped in their own perspective  and that people are not addressable and search for solution only within their convictions and even mistakes can be blown up instead of corrected- because if you don't make improvements it will come back in some form or if you are not addressable to gain insight it can stay away and you will go further missing out on important fulfilment sooner and later.
Think about your past.
Think upwards, GOD will provide in His (perfect) coherent connection possibilities.
Connected results are always there out of positive and out of negative intentions {connecting the asking force (develish) or GOD'S EFFECTIVE FORCE (HOLY SPIRIT) reaching out to your free will}.
Don't let results impress you to be the right way.
The addition sum of all the Biblical things provides the recipe. 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Out of body experiences.

Out of body experiences don't implicate that our destiny is in Heaven as spirit out-of-the/this-body, the Bible states clearly through the whole Book that our destiny is on Earth which is for ever and ever Bible Psalms 148.6.  Compare also the round Earth as the Bible states hanging in universe contra (older) churchteachings Bible Job 26.7, Isaias 40.22, Ecclesiastes 1.5.
So if not sleeping after death our spirit is awake (Eliah appeared after his Earthly death Bible Matthew 17.3 and sended a letter 2Chronicals 21.12) but you cannot find a Bibletext stating that our destiny is Heaven after resurrection. Also you cannot get rewarded the same in spirit domain between death and resurrection which you can in life-in-the-flesh where you have to go without seeing, and you cannot repeat the same thing(s) so after one life is already judgement Bible Hebrews 9.27, despite more incarnations, for example apostles wondered if a man had sinned so that he got born disabled {indeed not loose from the person(s) involved and 'just like that', next to that Jesus said that it is to glorify GOD'S name} Bible John 9.2 and Eliah comming back Bible Matthew 11.14, 17.10-11. Note also that Jesus did not say anything against being born like that because of former sin.
Our heavenly citizenship is on Earth which our soul and spirit inherits because flesh and blood cannot inherit and is of no use Bible John 6.63 "The spirit it is makes alive; the flesh not profits-nothing!", John 1.13 "who not of bloods, nor of will of flesh, nor of will of man, but of God were born", John  3.6 "That receiving birth from the flesh, flesh is; and that receiving birth from the spirit, spirit is" . (1Corinthians 15.54: "we shall be changed. Must for corruptible this put on incorruption"). 2Corinthians 5.4 "to be clothed, that may be swallowed the mortal by the life.".
This is important to esthablish because of the undervaluing of the Earth and it's nature which is created perfect before sin influenced that. 
Bible Genesis 1.1-2.4 paints the perfect situation. You see the falling down as Bible Hosea 6.1-3 the 3 big cosmic days (periods) paints, also Isaias 24.1-23. As also all things turning Bible Ecclesiastes 3.1-14 and Jeremiah 4.23-27.
Restoration of
all things; Acts 3.21. 
Extensive Bible-references and explanation  in "GENESIS, Big Bang, Pulsating Universe or what?" and also "Magic. GOD moving in mysterious ways. Hidden blessings. Challenge.".
Further you see in the Bible: Matthew 5.5 "Blessed the meek, because they shall inherit the earth", Revelation 11.18 "and to destroy those destroying the earth", Hebrews 12.27-29 "Yet once I shake not only the earth, but also the heaven. The now yet once, makes clear of the being shaken the removal, as having been made, that may remain the things not shaken. (Fire of GOD'S Spirit re-arranges sorts out) Therefore kingdom an unshakeable receiving, let us have grace, through which we may serve well-pleasingly God with reverence and fear, truly for the God of us fire a consuming", 2Peter 3.12-13 "heavens having been set afire will be dissolved, and elements burning will melt. New but heavens and an earth new according to the promise of Him we look for, in which righteousness dwells" Daniël 2.34-45: without doing of any man the Kingdom of GOD comes on Earth.

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