Thursday, February 7, 2019

Old & New Covenant and the New Age.

To end GodS Hand in coincidence - 1, I say this;

always remember that GOD seeks intercourse with people 

and dependent on their willingness and understanding there is a result,

we cannot follow certain things of the Old Covenant and New Covenant in 

this time of the comming 

of fulness....

1Corinthians 13; But when the fulness comes the childlike is left...

Matthew 5.38; Eye for an eye but I (Jesus) say to You don't resist the evil.


You better have GOD'S Hand in coincidence than another...

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Full happiness by laws and arrangements of GOD.

There is a natural order 'laws and arrangements of GOD'.
This is to become perfectness, perfect happiness, perfect fulfilment.
Not to bother us.

There is for example Monday as the first day of the week.
And so there is morning, afternoon, evening, night.
Morning from 6 o'clock till 12, afternoon from 12 till 6 and evening from six till 12 and then night from 12 till 6 again.
So the middle of the day 3 o'clock and midnight at 3 o'clock ant not 12 o'clock.
For me lying during the day knocks me up.
That this is messed up by religion is another case...
For example put the Sunday/Sabbath on Saturday counting from Sunday as the first day, following the mistake, not by putting it straight but to FOLLOW IT. 
So there is also the Sunday rest.
Not that one cannot do anything on Sunday but not really work.
The quarrel about this under religious people is about Jesus doing things on Sunday, that is only, they say, because he is lord of the Sabbath.
But Jesus tells that if the opportunity is there on Sabbath then you must not leave it.
The religious and others blamed him that he healed somebody on Sabbath and picked ears on Sabbath.
Luke 6.1-11, Luke 13.10-17, Joh. 5.1-18, Matthew 12.9-14, Marc 2.23-3.6.
Jesus said 'The Sabbath is for man and not man for the Sabbath'.

So there is RIGHT SHAPE but there is also right shape in moving something a little bit aside because of good reason.
Jesus did not say to the person 'Come back tomorrow because today it is Sabbath'... 

Natural things follow GOD'S order, not the laboratory...
So the same with other things not to tresspass...
And also one could tresspass something to prevent a disaster... 

Angels for example traveled, got tired took rest (Genesis 19.1-4), where angels could travel through universe not walking, so one cannot walk far away unless purposely, things have to fit in right shape to get the right experience(s).

So this is with everything..... 

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Monday, January 14, 2019

The thirteen success-keyes.

Luke 18.27. "And he said The things impossible with men possible is with GOD".

Do something which seems impossible.
It can and it will work out because GOD works together with you.
There is worked on to let it come out so GOD wants it and knows is best.

Yes but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...

John 14.27. "Peace I leave to you, peace my I give you, not as the world gives I give you. Not let be agitated of you the heart, not let it be fearful".

Imagine you filled with beneficence...

YES but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...

Psalms 51.10. "Create in me a clean heart O GOD and renew a steadfast spirit within me".

Renew your attitude towards situations and people.
When I was young I saw that so with people that they are negative and that is the wrong explanation, startpoint is being positve in GOD that overrules and works for the BETTER.

YES but.. nothing, HE is bigger than all...

Matthew 11.28. "Come to me all the laboring and being burdenend and I will give rest you.

Take things lighter, don't ask more than normal from yourself.

YES but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...

1Corinthians 2.19. "But even as it has been written Things that eye did not see and ear did hear and on the heart of men did not came up how prepared GOD, those loving Him".

Carry everything up to GOD.

YES but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...

Ephesians 3.20. "Him now being able beyond all things to do exceedingly above what we ask or think according to the power working in us, to Him the glory in the church in Christ Jesus to all the generations of the age of the ages. Amen".

There is a undescribable power at work for you.

YES but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...

Psalm 73.24. "You shall guide me by YOUR counsel and afterward YOU will take me to glory".

Wisdom to the carnel helps you see the ways.

YES but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...

Phillipians 4.11. "Not that as to lack say I, for learned in I am self-sufficient to be, I know both to be humbled I know and to abound in everything and in all things, I am taught both to be filled and to hunger both to abound and to lack. All things I can do in the ONE empowering me Christ".

See the chances you have on the place where you are.

YES but... nothing, He is bigger than all...

Proverbs 16.20. "He who acts prudently shall find good and he who trusts in JEHOVAH Oh how happy is he!".

YES but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...

John 10.10. "I came that life they may have and abundandly may have".

YES but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...

Choose mottos for things not affirmations.
Your own choice-part to do in life is here at work.
Affirmations go too far GOD has the last word.

YES but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...

Psalms 103.1-5; "Bless Jehovah O my soul and all within me bless His holy name.
Bless Jehovah O my soul and forget not all His rewards
Who forgives all your iniquities
Who heals all your diseases
Who redeems your life from destruction
Who crowns you with kindness and tender mercies
Who satisfies your desire with good
 your youth is renewd like the eagles". 

YES but... nothing, HE is bigger than all...


***   HE   ***   IS   ***   BIGGER   ***   THAN   ***   ALL***

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Apokalypse, Armageddon, End of times, End of Age, the New Age. Understanding Bibletexts.

Apostle Paul about Joël who writes that in the 'last days' of this aeon (worldage) GOD will pour out from His Spirit on all flesh; they will prophetize see things have dreams and there will be wonders in heaven above and signs on Earth beneath.
The Bible writes about a late(r) and early rain of the Spirit, the late(r) rain we have in this time.
Blood fire smoke smother the Sun will be changed in/shall be darkened and the Moon bloody. Before the great and illustrious 'day' of the LORD comes. A.o. Bible Apocalypse.


Blood fire smoke smother - You watch the news??

Sun and Moon under veil - take the airpolutioned soup in the air of Beijing for example.  

You will hear of earthquakes wars naturedisasters etc. as never before.
Watch those things Jesus said and know that the time is near; a.o. Marc 13.4-8.
And then there will be a point in time that it is too late to choose; Luke 17.20-36.

Pour out SPIRIT on all flesh Bible Joël 2.28-32; so not; are you a member of our (Christian) church?

Apocalypse 1.1-3; the time is near on the worldclock to be conscious and STUDY the later things.

The born child as image of the Kingdom of GOD is protected "the mouth" of the Earth opened to shelter. Pointing to Jesus and Mary Apoc 12.
So we see the spiritual description in the Biblebook Apocalypse of things happening because the Earth's mouth is of course a spiritual shape with material print but not the literal mouth somewhere on Earth.
So we see the spiritual descriptions in Apocalypse.

Another thing about understanding the Bible is supposed contradictions, they are founded on seeing two or three texts and not looking further.
For an example; 'If GOD is alknowing how can He say one thing and later another and have regret?'.

The alknowing GOD knows what will happen but has to put a situation into being so that people can take action so that GOD can say because of Your reaction I now don't do anymore what I said I would do in former case, but now do this or that.
Other supposed contradictions I don't even go into because one needs to look further than one or two lines of course.


On Earth the Son of man incarnates.
This is not the same way in further universe. 
The Earth a particle in the endless universe?
In one sense yes in other sense other planets with habitants are not 'just' this or that either.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

How to get prosperity and life abundantly.

GOD works for the best for everybody.

For example in a (necessary) testcase people became hungry but GOD provided despite their deviations. (Bible Deuteronomy 8.1-16).

GOD brings you to the good not something wrong...

So deviations from the clear spoil. Where the correlation of GOD provides all what is needed to have and happen for the fulfilling of happiness now and later. 
So waiting for something for a reason should not lead to walk away from GOD or even acuse GOD (!) where-in GOD reacts with retaining things or stronger attempts to get people in the right fulfilling track, but not fully walks away, and knocks on peoples door again with His gifts..... to get you in a better shape, serving eachother and all, and closer to your soul.
Bible Amos 4.6-13; One field I give rain and the other I don't give rain (circumstansional profitable circumstances in the whole) and still you did not return to ME.


Bible Leviticus 26.3-12; Follow MY guide-lines and I shall give you prosperity.
Bible Amos 4.6-13;  I did this and that and so and so again and again but still you did not return to ME. Recognizing the full happiness GOD gives the full fulfilment for now and later.
Bible Deuteronomy 8.1-18 Prosperity following GOD but don't start denaying that I delivered it to you and say that you are the producer. 
You see this in power of positive thinking, affirmations, prejudge the route of things, imagining, outcome in detail.

Always look for improvements search yourself where something could be improved.
And pray for that.
Search how, get information.
Search yourself, your situation.
Maybe you overlooked something that DID pass by maybe more than once in image or matter.
Search what may disturb.
And don't stop till you find.
GOD is winking.
So you climb the ladder of continuous fulfilling(s).....
Ask GOD for forgiveness where you could be wrong, in Jesus name.


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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Seeking happiness.

Generaly negative startingpoint should be positive without pinning up this or that outcome.
A result one targets should be general and open to fill in details better than you know at start and process further this way.
Also don't be hasty to avoid something that passes by, it could be useful.
Although you feel 100% sure about something or a situation an outcome and further lapse of time, you must be open for the best route, steps you need inbetween, and even better outcome. GOD is always busy.
So I disagree for example with the Mary Sisters in Germany where a sister went to a shop to buy candy for visiting children and while waiting the idea came up in her to wait for GOD to bring the candy and show the children how GOD cares. And yet before it was her turn she decided to go away without buying the candy.
A strong hunch is one thing but forcing the situation into the kerb is another... , so she went home to the sistershouse without candy. And then somebody with candy got the idea to bring this to the sisters..... so before the children left they had their treat... 
So the children learned how GOD looks after us uptil the smallest things they say.
But what do we have here? 
Here one forces the situation into the kerb, if you buy the candy there will come a gift one way or the other. 
So this is an example of polution in faith where not only the EFFECTIVE FORCE of GOD dwells.
Things work together for the best (Bible Romans 8.28).
In the name of Jesus pray to GOD.
Jesus prayed to GOD.
Jesus prayed not to Jesus.
Jesus explaned GOD fulfilled the Old Testament/Covenant and by going to the end in obedience to GOD he became the mediator to GOD.

Also talk the way I described above, in positive sense, open to hints and things, happenings.
GOD wants the full manifestation of Your soul.
He will provide.

Also pray this way.

Believe this way.

One way or the other in a manner I may not know it will go, "GOD knows more than I".

GOD also has all the inter-time-space connections.
You could call it relativity of time and space in lower and upper-conscious connections and circumstances, GOD works also with to provide us according to His perfect view.

Have the Bible as base, you can lead everything back to the Bible, all models are in the Bible.
If not literal the model to lead it back to is there.
And that is not a matter of interpretation. The basics are all in the Bible.

And then we get pentecostals lying unconscious on the floor of the church!
Seeing auras!

The obligation to speak in tongues, there where the Bible writes that not everybody has the same gift as glósses languages the original text writes. They call this the late rain of the Spirit (Joel 2.23, 2.28-30, Isaias 32.15, 44.2-4, Hosea 6.3, ) visions dreams wonders etc..
Spirits in the church. Talk as "When I was converted a demon tried to strangle me" (!!!).
If one is with the Bible then things like that don't come near.
Makes me think of my youth, Roman Catholicism; everywhere the Devil was, the Devil here and the Devil there...
Upside-down faith. Superstition in it.
Another example is not to eat blood the Bible writes. And then Jehovah-witnesses not understanding that that is not the same as -if not otherwise possible-  a bloodtransfusion can save.
Spiritistic seances with devotion to GOD for example. 
Using the name/title of GOD and Jesus, does not buy the right track. And manifestations can come from the asking force. Who is not for us, is against us, don't hinder the people who use my (Jesus') name Jesus said to his apostles, because of that they don't follow us. Meaning the content/intention is according to us, for us or against. Marc 9.38-40.
All shapes are in the Bible, no matter that the Old Testament/covenant is another stage than the New Testament/covenant where other things count does not mean that for example the late rain of the Spirit or the further future can be in conflict with the whole of the Bible up till Genesis 1.1.

It took half a year, but Jehovah witnesses succeeded to convince somebody I knew that he could not be healed by GOD from serious heart-trouble, attacks once or more in a week.
He was fully free of any complaint, without any medicine, but the pressure of the witnesses was too much after 6 months he fell back to one or more attacks per week and worsend and later ending up till death.
So he let in, GOD'S healing power, but in the end his believing was dismantled, that he commited sin and had contacted the other side, being healed, and it was up to him to judge that and he judged this way after those months. So GOD does not ignore free will. Going the own way.
Knowingly and willingly people seek their own way and they wander away in their own direction (Isaias 47.15).
Another example is an old man who was continuisly bothered by his family, they kept going on and on that it was dangerous to be in his Bible-shop with the door open.
Nothing ever happened, but they kept going on. He believed in positive thinking itself and negative talking and thinking came in, they kept going on. 
"It will come again", he knew when they called, even when the phone rang. So anyway he had one or more points of entrence to influence him. 
So I came in his shop I had to rang the bell to open up, after a while. 
"Yeah I let myself talking into it" he said.
After a longer period he was mishandled wounded and robbed twice.....
As a woman with 6 locks on her door...
Yet another example, somebody told me "I don't believe it but if I invite somebody business-like in my house they appear AGAIN to be homosexual or bi-sexual". But he had a combination of things in him which attracted that; 
where it was business, precise that sort of person came.
A gambler meets another gambler...
So either GOD'S correlation comes to you, or the asking force is also there,  and it is founded on your basic convition(s).

So only the things agreeable with personal soul based grounds can take root and stand up in time.

PSALMS 46.10; "Be still and know that I am GOD" meaning; 
                                                                                    do your part and be at rest,
                                                                                   knowing GOD He does the rest.
With His intertime-space possibilities.

                      His EFFECTIVE FORCE is always busy also towards you. 

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

GENESIS, Big Bang, Pulsating Universe or what?

In a beginsituation berêsjiet GOD had created bara' elohiem the heavenspace êt hasjamàjim and the Earth weêt haàrets
In beginsituation GOD had created, not created, anyway see below about times.

There is not mentioned that it were days of our 24 hours and 60 minutes during our length to pass.
Also a day is as 1000 year with GOD (Bible Psalms 90.4, 2Peter 3.8) and other days eras times are mentioned. 
These texts describe the bigger repeating and bigger downcast and new start (involution-downcast/evolution-upcomming-new start [not Darwinism]).
Bible Ecclesiastes 3.1-17; "That which has been it already is, and that which is to be it already has been", also things upside down wickedness on the place of justice and righteousness, the world in reverse,  Hosea 6.1-3; three (repeating) cosmic 'days' or eras 1 the downcast from paradise-era 2 the 'night' 3 the establishing of the paradise era, Jeremiah 4.23-28; Heavens had no light etc., 'yet I (GOD) will not make a full end' 'but will not repent nor turn back from it', Isaias 24.1-23; things upside down Earth's foundation quake Earth breaking breaking crashing crashing tottering tottering like a drunkard staggering staggering rocking to and fro like a hut "and it (the Earth) shall fall and not rise again" (in that creation/timecircle, big-fall-down/downcast, not the purified Earth at 2nd comming Jesus, not full end though as we saw [stump foundation stock roots + new start Genesis 1]), Acts 3.21; restoration of all things, 2Peter 3.5-3.7; "that heavens were of old" 2Peter 3.7; "the but now heavens and the earth" (=about two different things), Habakkuk 3.6; "the ancient mountains were shattered; the eternal hills bowed down. The goings of eternity are His",  Acts 1.6; "do You restore the kingdom to Israel at this time?" (asking Jesus about Kingdom of GOD on Earth), Psalms 102.25 GOD created before old פּנים.

Also the many Bibletexts with "foundation katabole of the world" katabole means; cast down, and; foundation-lying. So the world kosmos has been in a foundation-putting position.
By the way; never using themelios meaning  foundation making.
There is also a lot typology in the Bible, for one example Nebukadnessar Bible Daniël 4.1-4.37; Nebukadnessar's  dream about a tree uptil heaven and visible from the whole Earth which feeds all what lives. A holy person called with loud voice; cut the tree but leave it's stump and his heart will be changed into a animal-heart and 7 times will pass by, so that everybody knows that the Most High has power over the kingship of people and gives it to the lowest. Nebukadnessar had haughtiness and was cast out and lived as a animal in the field. As the dark-age or cosmic night an "animal heart" instead of "human heart" competitiveness as a general sin, serve eachother is the law. The stump is left from the tree which reached uptil heaven and visible on the whole Earth meaning cast-down but not totaly.
So there is a cast down and an uprising of creation and apart from that there-in the history of Adam & Eve where GOD created Adam & Eve.
Kaïn had a sign not to harm him by people in other countries.
So there is a line of descent as mentioned in the Bible, through Mary and one through Joseph, from Adam till Jesus. 
DNA research by the way leads back to the Paradise area. 
In this I mention the world-wide floodstories the globe around, over 200!
So the world-wide interconnection of all people through time routes back to the Paradise area (Adam).

So there is a start entered in eternal circulation keeping the creation-wheel turning.
The building up co-operation of people is also necessary, for the soul-expression where creation is for.
So there was a perfect enclave where Adam & Eve were cast out.
"The Earth is cursed because of You" GOD spoke Bible Genesis 3.17-19, nature spoiled and physical (human) death (decay uptill physical death) comes in.

In Genesis 1.1- 2.4 we see the creation as it is, the total. From Genesis 2.5 we see the interstart, history uptil now.


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