Sunday, January 27, 2019

Full happiness by laws and arrangements of GOD.

There is a natural order 'laws and arrangements of GOD'.
This is to become perfectness, perfect happiness, perfect fulfilment.
Not to bother us.

There is for example Monday as the first day of the week.
And so there is morning, afternoon, evening, night.
Morning from 6 o'clock till 12, afternoon from 12 till 6 and evening from six till 12 and then night from 12 till 6 again.
So the middle of the day 3 o'clock and midnight at 3 o'clock ant not 12 o'clock.
For me lying during the day knocks me up.
That this is messed up by religion is another case...
For example put the Sunday/Sabbath on Saturday counting from Sunday as the first day, following the mistake, not by putting it straight but to FOLLOW IT. 
So there is also the Sunday rest.
Not that one cannot do anything on Sunday but not really work.
The quarrel about this under religious people is about Jesus doing things on Sunday, that is only, they say, because he is lord of the Sabbath.
But Jesus tells that if the opportunity is there on Sabbath then you must not leave it.
The religious and others blamed him that he healed somebody on Sabbath and picked ears on Sabbath.
Luke 6.1-11, Luke 13.10-17, Joh. 5.1-18, Matthew 12.9-14, Mark 2.23-3.6.
Jesus said 'The Sabbath is for man and not man for the Sabbath'.

So there is RIGHT SHAPE but there is also right shape in moving something a little bit aside because of good reason.
Jesus did not say to the person 'Come back tomorrow because today it is Sabbath'... 

Natural things follow GOD'S order, not the laboratory...
So the same with other things not to tresspass...
And also one could tresspass something to prevent a disaster... 

Angels for example traveled, got tired took rest (Genesis 19.1-4), where angels could travel through universe not walking, so one cannot walk far away unless purposely, things have to fit in right shape to get the right experience(s).

So this is with everything..... 

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